Deaffest are tracking down the winners of the 2013 Film Gala Awards to ask them how it feels to be recognised for their achievements…

DSC_0264I am honoured to have been awarded  best director for The End, which is a special film for me. I was lucky enough to have been surrounded by a group of talented professionals who embraced my initial idea and helped me make this film what it is. I continue to respect and learn from these individuals and I would not be the director I am today if it was not for them.– Ted Evans, Best Director

DSC_0518When I saw my film “I won’t do that again!” on the screen, I was very amused and very proud of myself. This was the first time I’d seen my own film on the screen in my life. When Rachel Shenton was on the stage and opened the gold envelope to find out who is the winner, I thought that I couldn’t have won because I still had a long way to go before I could get the award.  But Rachel Shenton said “I won’t do that again!” I was really shocked and the audience stood up and cheered me. I stood up and walked onto the stage and I felt like my dream had come true.  It made me want to make more films for Deaffest 2014. I think Deaffest is a very important place where Deaf/Hard hearing filmmakers and artists can show off their skills and you can build your CV. 

I can give you one tip as independent filmmakers: “Think more original and imaginary, and less copying others’ work” William Horsefield, Winner of Young Deaffest

DSC_0522aDeaffest 2013 was the first time I had ever been to Deaffest and what an amazing event it turned out to be!  As a nominee I felt honoured to be recognised amongst three excellent actresses. And then, my name was announced. I remember feeling incredibly shocked, I really didn’t expect to win. As I approached the stage and extracts from September 11th were relayed to the audience, I remembered how much of a group effort filming is, which is why in my speech I said the award was a collective, rather than an individual, award for everyone involved in the making of September 11th and gave particular thanks to Raabia for giving me the opportunity to play a part in such an important film.

Buddha Knows, the play I developed with Deafinitely Theatre was performed during the interval of the Gala Awards and the reception was brilliant. The audience laughed at the funny moments within the play and then there was that moment of sadness felt in the room as the tragic ending of the play was revealed. The three actors – Brian Duffy, David Sands and Charlotte Arrowsmith did an amazing job under the direction of the brilliant Paula Garfield, and I’m thankful to have had such talented people make my play come alive, they gave it life, meaning and essence. Gavin Lilley also did a fantastic job of entertaining the audience during the intervals and the whole evening, delicately managed by the great Clive Mason was a triumph. I really enjoyed myself and I shall definitely be coming back. Deaffest was a fantastic event that championed the development of Deaf Film and those who work tirelessly in the industry, as well as a successful gathering of film lovers and people who are passionate about the Arts. – Aliya Gulamani, Best Actress

DSC_0571aIt was a nice surprise winning this award.  Totally unexpected but it’s a real honour and a privilege.  My special thanks go to Neath production team and BSLBT for giving me the opportunity to make my debut 30mins drama. – Bim Ajadi, Best British Film

The image shows Champion Of The World actress Rebecca Zelic accepting the award on behalf of Bim.


CamillaWords cannot describe how delighted I am that ‘Who Cares’ won the ‘Best Documentary’ category. The documentary tackles an incredibly important issue that is often swept under the carpet. I hope, having received this recognition, that people will watch the documentary and take action. It is the contributors- Beatrice, Stephen, Mary and Alan- who made the documentary and thanks should go to them as well as the Mutt and Jeff team who worked tirelessly to produce a documentary that we are proud of – Camilla Arnold, Best Documentary 


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