Here are more winning comments from some of the personalities at Deaffest 2013…

Adam Bassett

At first, I didn’t want to go to the VV competition but someone put my name down for it without my permission.  I thought “oh what the hell!” When my name was revealed as the VV winner I was about to pinch my arm but it was nice surprise. I owe someone then, teehee! Never felt so proud, but something that’s missing is an award.  Prize money may be nice but hey, they got beautiful awards for the Film Gala Awards, I’m jealous. Deaffest 2013 weekend is amazing and I loved every minute! I’m VV winner! Yorkshire!!! Teehee! – Adam Bassett, VV winner

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  1. he was fabulous at VV! Storyline and everything! *jar dropping!

    • deaffest says:

      We agree with you, planetdeaftastic! Adam Bassett, the VV champion of 2013 absolutely blew us away with his Visual Vernacular!

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