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Deaffest is an inspirational platform which gives deaf artists, filmmakers and performers the opportunity to showcase their talents to a wider audience and to inspire future generations.

Although we are the UK’s leading Deaf-led film and arts festival, we are also a small charity and we rely on grants, donations and sponsorship to ensure Deaffest continues.

With your support Deaffest can continue to discover, support and develop the talents of filmmakers and artists, offer high quality and accessible workshops, performances and film screenings as well as showcasing the talents of deaf artists and filmmakers.

If you would like to donate or sponsor Deaffest – please contact


“The idea of encouraging Deaf people to get involved in making films, and here I don’t care how big or small the scale of the product, strikes me as being excellent.” RICHARD GRIFFITHS OBE – ACTOR

“As someone who has worked in Deaf Film for over 30 years, I have always admired the work of Zebra Access and Deaffest, which has been the cornerstone to young deaf people’s aspiration into the media and film industry and many of the well-known filmmakers started their first faltering steps into a journey of love and devotion and all credit to Deaffest for encouraging and nurturing these dreams.” TERRY RILEY – CEO OF BSLBT & CHAIR OF BDA

“If you’re looking for films in British Sign Language, up and coming Deaf talent or wondering how to find ‘the Deaf Community’ then there’s only one place to go: Deaffest.” LOUIS NEETHLING – PRODUCER & DIRECTOR

“Deaffest showcases the unique talents of Deaf directors, scriptwriters and actors. Those talents are enhanced by the visual nature of Deaf communication, whether through sign language, lip reading or the way Deaf people see the world. Deaffest shows that Deaf people can not only match their hearing counterparts, but can also express a view of the world that is their own.” CHARLIE SWINBOURNE – WRITER

“I loved Deaffest, it’s an amazing event and a great opportunity for deaf filmmakers and actors to showcase their talent!” RACHEL SHENTON – ACTRESS

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  1. Sophie says:

    Really enjoyed today hope to go back soon lovely place!

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