All the way from Singapore, it’s Redeafination!


Redeafination (spelt with “Deaf” and “Nation”) is an independent dance crew for the Deaf. Redeafination aims to promote Deaf awareness as well as to nurture and develop performing arts talent within the Deaf community. The group is made up with a majority of Deaf members. Over the years, Redeafination has received much recognition and accolades from both the dance scene and the deaf community. Since its formation, Redeafination has gone on to perform at various events not only in Singapore but also in Hong Kong (2012), Myanmar (2014), France (2015) and Norway (2017). As part of its outreach program, RDF endeavours to follow up with its mission to conduct external dance workshops for Deaf youths. They have had opportunities to conduct a few exchange workshops with their counterparts from the UK and Japan and as well conducting external workshops for Crest Secondary and Canossian School.

WAWA brings Dip Hop to Deaffest!

Wawa’s rendering of Dip Hop explores Hip Hop in a way where the focus is taking on challenges and educating people about deaf musicians in the hearing world. A pursuit where he hopes to put deaf Recording Artists on the map in the mainstream public interest. Artists for who disadvantage ultimately becomes their biggest asset, something that is original but also admirable, genuine and brings their music to a whole new audience. Something that has strongly showcased WAWA’s interest is aspiring to inspire, even to those who are more challenged to do so.

2019 is a year of new music in the works, and more steps towards the ultimate goal of turning a disadvantage into a core strength for someone musically, expect nothing short of amazing coming from WAWA!

Warren “WAWA” Snipe of Wawa’s World will give a presentation Deaf Musicians: Rise and Struggles and will be performing at Friday Evening and Saturday Late Night Deaf Party with DJ Nicar.



Instagram: @Wawasworld1

Judge of Young Deaffest Award 2019

We’re pleased to introduce you to Raabia Hussain who will be the judge for the Young Deaffest Award this year!

RaabiaHussain Headshot

Raabia Hussain, independent filmmaker, has worked on numerous mainstream documentaries and projects with an internationally well-known broadcaster. For the last two years she has worked for ITV in a variety of roles including directing, producing documentaries and has worked on programmes including Mission Employable. She’s a big fan of script-writing and photography is one of her main hobbies. In 2012 Raabia gained worldwide attention with her first short film created as part of BSL Zone titled “September 11th”.

The winner will be announced at Young Deaffest on Saturday 18th May 2019.