Awards Gala Ticket Update

Tickets for the Film & TV Awards Gala have SOLD OUT! We are still selling tickets for the Late Night Deaf Party – click here to get your ticket!

Promos Act 3 & 4: Behind the Scenes

Find out how our Deaffest Promos (Act 3 & 4) were made, directed and edited by Rosie Benn!

Deaffest’s Visit to Braidwood Trust for the Deaf

Yesterday morning some members of the Deaffest team went on a little trip to visit Braidwood Trust School for the Deaf in Birmingham. We were kindly invited by the school to talk about Deaffest and the history of the festival.

We introduced ourselves to the teachers and pupils before sharing a brief history of the festival and why it has been such an important annual event. We then discussed what we do in our challenging jobs.


Later we carried out an activity with the pupils where they learnt to create a storyboard giving them some hands on experience on how to visualise a story and how important this is for filmmaking. Afterwards the pupils had the opportunity to come up in front of the group and share the unique stories behind their storyboard.

We also screened the Deaffest 2017 promos where some of the pupils recognised the infamous deaf comedian John Smith!

We would like to thank Braidwood Trust School for the Deaf for inviting us over!