Deaffest on Tour 2021 Press Released

The past month has seen the continuation of Deaffest on Tour in two new locations, following the success of Cornwall Mini Deaffest in September. DOT 2021 main poster

Deaffest on Tour went to the Warwick Arts Centre for the second leg of the tour. The day was spent delivering a variety of workshops such as Comedy session with John Smith and Terry’s Poi and Circus skills, hosting film screenings, running stalls, and providing networking opportunities. Festival attendees had the opportunity to watch screenings of the film Sound of Metal, benefitting from our partnership with MASSIVE. The screening of the CBBC monologue, ‘Freestyle’, was followed by a panel discussion that kicked off in style, with Nikki Stratton hosting and interviewing 14 year old Deaf Writer and Actress and the star of Freestyle, Jasmine, who gave an account of her experience in being involved in a project like this monologue for the first time. Also on the panel was ThreeWise Entertainment producer Michael Ford, who discussed his experience of working on this unique project involving British Sign Language. Freestyle has received THREE nominations for the Midlands Royal Television Awards, taking place this Sunday 21 November.

Gloucester was the third and final stop for Deaffest on Tour 2021, with the festival being held at Gloucester Guildhall. Here, the festival included networking opportunities, stalls, film screenings, and even more workshops than the last. Attendees especially enjoyed the diverse workshops that were hosted, including: ‘Is Earth Dying with Marilyn Willrich, Dance along with Chris Fonseca, Comedy session with John Smith, and Filmmaker tips with Danny Murphy. The daytime event saw attendees participate in a variety of workshops, and appreciate all of the other exciting elements of the festival. The evening event was hosted at Gloucester Deaf Association (GDA), which saw a full house of people. This was no surprise to us, due to the hilarious entertainment provided by comedy duo; Danny Murphy and John Smith. To top off the evening’s events, there was a raffle with lovely prizes provided by the GDA.

We screened 5 films, plus a special premiere screening of ’This is Deaf: LGBTQIA+ Life’ from BSLBT  and screenings of two films from MASSIVE, ‘Sound of Metal’ and ‘A Sonic Pulse.’

The five films chosen for screening ’The Pumpkin King’, Dir by Paul Miller, ‘Follow The Signs’, Dir by Chris Fonseca and Harry Jardine, ‘Dr.Voxoff’s Sign Language School for Hearing Children’, Dir by Matthew Gurney, ‘Voice’, Dir by Tomoko Takahashi and ‘Illustrating Sam Newton’, Dir by Lily Drummond  were a big hit with our audiences, who enjoyed the mixture of films from the UK, the two films from Australia and one from Japan. The audience left the screenings animated and chatting about the films they had just seen, which is a really positive sign.

We would like to say thank you to Warwick Arts Centre and Gloucester Guildhall, our venues for the screening of these amazing films, for allowing so many people to sit back and enjoy watching. Deaffest on Tour wants to say a massive thank you to the BFI for making the funding available to allow Deaffest on Tour to happen.  We are now looking forward to the next Deaffest on Tour….Watch this space….

All of the feedback from participants has been unanimously positive with regards to each and every one of the festivals and everyone had a very enjoyable experience.

Thank you to all of our sponsors, donors, funders, those that ran stalls, and everyone that participated in the festivals. We look forward to seeing you at the next one, which will be the main event, as Deaffest returns to Wolverhampton for our 14th Festival….Again watch this space!

Deaffest 2022 – Submit Your Film

Film Submission Heading



OPEN TO UK AND INTERNATIONAL FILMMAKERS. We accept films of OVER 20 minutes and we welcome any genre such as action, comedy, horror, romance, etc.


OPEN TO UK FILMMAKERS. If you’re into making short films – We accept films of UNDER 20 minutes and welcome any genre such as action, comedy, horror, romance, etc.


OPEN TO INTERNATIONAL FILMMAKERS. If you’re into making short films – We accept films of UNDER 20 minutes and welcome any genre such as action, comedy, horror, romance, etc.


OPEN TO UK AND INTERNATIONAL FILMMAKERS. Have you got a great factual report on a particular subject? We want to see something you’re passionate about in your film, including interviews with the people involved and some creative filming shots.


OPEN TO UK AND INTERNATIONAL FILMMAKERS. If you’re creative, we welcome experimental film UNDER 20 minutes, which also includes animation, special effects, music videos, etc.


OPEN TO UK AND INTERNATIONAL FILMMAKERS. If you have a series, please submit your best episode.


Recognition for a Director who has demonstrated outstanding directing skills, based on the submitted film.

BEST SCREENWRITER (Film categories only)

Recognition for the person who created an outstanding script for the submitted film.


Recognition for a talented male Deaf actor who has exhibited outstanding acting in the submitted film.


Recognition for a talented female Deaf actor who has exhibited outstanding acting in the submitted film.

BEST PRESENTER (Television & Documentary categories only)

Recognition for a talented Deaf Presenter who delivers a confident, passionate, professional and charismatic performance. (This must be submitted by the Production company NOT individuals)

Film & TV Awards and Non-Competition Category | APPLICATION FORM | must be 18 or over to apply

EARLYBIRD DEADLINE – Wednesday 1st December, 2021 by 5pm (GMT) FREE if received by 1st December 2021.

FINAL DEADLINE – Monday 31st January, 2022 by 5pm (GMT) £25.00 (GBP) if received between 1st December 2021 after 5pm – 31st January, 2022 by 5pm

Workshops at Deaffest on Tour! – Gloucester Guildhall

‘Is Earth Dying?’ with Marilyn Willrich


Is the Earth Dying? Are we doing enough to heal the Earth?
Marilyn Willrich will explain why the Earth is dying and how we can prevent this and improve things for the future.
Come along and join Marilyn’s workshop to find out more!
Workshop 1 (11:00am – 12:00pm) at Blue Coat Room (Reservation is required at Deaffest’s Desk)

Dance along with Chris Fonseca 

5c23f6eae9132.jpegSo thrilled to teach dance workshops by sharing my passion and knowledge of dance with you!

The level is set for beginners who are looking to learn the foundations, drills & dance routine that will help reach your dance goals and have fun!
Workshop 2 (11:00am – 12:00pm) at Fisher Room (Reservation is required at Deaffest’s Desk)
Workshop 5 (3:00pm – 4:14pm) at Fisher Room (Reservation is required at Deaffest’s Desk)

Filmmaker Tips with Danny Murphy 


Want to become a filmmaker like me?
Want to find out how you can make films, being an actor and editor at the same time?

Well you’re in luck! I am going to teach you a few tips to help you become a young filmmaker, like me!

Workshop 3 (12:15pm – 1:15pm) at Blue Coat Room (Reservation is required at Deaffest’s Desk)

Comedy session with John Smith


Are you an aspiring deaf comedian? Want to be the next John Smith?
Well, you’re in luck! Pop in to John Smith’s comedy workshop to learn some of the tricks of the trade.
It’s normal!!
Workshop 4 (1:30pm – 2:30pm) at Blue Coat Room (Reservation is required at Deaffest’s Desk)