Deaffest 2017 Photos by Willow Photography

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If you came along to Deaffest 2017, then you might be spotted in one of the photos here! The photos are now available to order – click here to view them!
Special thanks to Mark and Penny Mecklenburgh (Willow Photography) for the photos!
We will also be adding more photos to the Deaffest Flicker account soon, for viewing purposes only.

Young Deaffest 2017 Poster Competition: The Top Ten Entries

View the top ten entries for the Young Deaffest 2017 Poster Competition including 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners!

Happy Volunteers’ Week!

Happy Volunteers’ Week – a big thank you to all of our incredible Deaffest volunteers who have supported our festivals. We couldn’t have done it without you and your huge contribution of skills and time!

Special thanks also go to our Volunteer Coordinator Deirdre Maguire who did a fantastic job in working with the volunteers!

Deaffest Volunteers

Deaffest 2017 volunteers. Photos taken by Mark Mecklenburgh