Deaffest are both delighted and excited to share some news with you!

Deaffest has secured funding from ‘Awards for All’ to create a brand new short Vidcast called ‘Deaffest: Rewind’.

Deaffest has commissioned Zebra Uno Production to work alongside Stone’s Throw Media, to create short vidcast episodes where we will be interviewing a special guest about their involvement with Deaffest.

Each guest will be rewinding through their memories of Deaffest and sharing their stories. The best news is that we will be showing not one, but three epic episodes, which you really don’t want to miss!

Deaffest will be releasing the first episode featuring our host, Adam Bassett, alongside special guest Chris Fonseca.

The video will be available online this Sunday, 19th December at 7:00pm.

You can view the video online via this website, or on YouTube via our links on social media.