We’ve now completed all the production stages for The Quiet Ones and have been focusing on creating a buzz with a marketing plan. We’ve already released the posters and there are some behind-the-scenes photos available on the Deaffest website. We will also be releasing the teaser for the film which will then be followed by the trailer for the film, so keep an eye out for those.

In addition, a website for the film is currently under construction and should be available online within the next few weeks. You’ll be able to find lots of info on the site, particularly information about everyone who worked on the film, including links to their personal websites if you wish to find out more about them or maybe even work with them in the future. We’ll also host all of the photos, teaser, trailer, posters etc. on the site so people can find everything in one place.

Later in the year we hope to have some other goodies available to view and download, such as storyboard artwork and desktop backgrounds. Don’t forget to keep checking back for those! There is a behind-the-scenes film made by Gary Thomas to accompany The Quiet Ones, which gives a quick insight into how we made the film and all worked together. We hope that this will encourage people to watch the film and vice versa.

Our next step will be putting together packages to send out to as many festivals as possible. We want to include a dossier with the posters, synopsis, behind the scenes photos, and the film of course! As it circulates, we’ll also be able to update the dossier with any press and screening info. Another part of our marketing plan involves a press release which we’re going to push out there in as many formats as possible (newsletters, newspapers, blogs, forums etc.), and we hope this will add to the film’s credibility.

Overall, our plan is to not only market the film but to also promote the people that worked so hard on it. We want the film to be successful in it’s own right but we also want the film to encourage the success of everyone that was involved.

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