This year Deaffest will be promoting a charity which provides hearing aids for deaf children and adults in Sri Lanka.

The charity is run by the Sumaga Ruhuna Circle of the Deaf in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka.

Alex Nowak, our Young Deaffest Ambassador is supporting the charity.  He says: “I will be collecting as many hearing aids as I possibly can to give to deaf children and adults in Sri Lanka.

In the UK, deaf people get hearing aids for free from the NHS, in Sri Lanka they don’t have the same provision.

Sri Lanka hearing aids are still monologue style and therefore any hearing aids we provide will be very beneficial to them and be a positive impact on the Sri Lankan deaf community.

With your hearing aids, they will have more access society and job opportunities. In example, deaf people in Sri Lanka are not allowed to drive unless they wear hearing aids”.

If you would like to help out you can do so easily – we will be providing a bucket at Deaffest where you can donate your old or unwanted hearing aids.  All you have to do is remember to bring them along!


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  1. […] A reminder to all those out there who have old or unwanted hearing aids to bring them along to Deaffest this weekend.  We will be collecting them for a Sri Lankan charity, details here. […]

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