You may recognise Gavin Lilley, known for his love of Star Trek, where his sign name originates. At Deaffest 2012 he co-hosted the festival last year with the elegant Elizabeth Bojas! If you did not attend Deaffest last year, then you should recognise Gavin as he is also the co-presenter of The Hub, currently in its third season! Gavin made his stand up comedy debut at the sold out Live At Green Lanes in November 2012, throwing the audience into a state of hysteria. Make sure you come to the 4th Film Gala Awards and the Late Night Deaf Party at Deaffest 2013 to see his cuckoo’s world as he tells it! You can get your tickets to both 4th Film Gala Awards and the Late Night Deaf Party by visiting this link here.

Gavin himself has a passion for international travel, culture and sign languages. He is 4th (possibly 5th) deaf generation so has been involved in the deaf world since birth. His humour draws from the best of both deaf and hearing worlds – observations of everyday life within society as a deaf person, the hilarious idiosyncrasies of signed languages and these moments of cross cultural bewilderment! Drawing on his life experience and from his career, Gavin’s observations of deaf intuition and the sheer idiocy that several members of society possess are exposed!

About Deaffest

UK's Leading Deaf-Led Film and Arts Festival

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