Ambassador for Young Deaffest

Young and talented Deaf actor Alex Nowak became The Ambassador for Young Deaffest in 2012.

Alex is best known for his role as the despondent Luke in the award winning film The End, directed by Ted Evans. He has starred in a number of short and feature films, including Tarun Thind’s ‘English’, Samuel Dore’s ‘Deep Into The Woods’, Richard Standen and Tom Stanley’s ‘The Beach House’ and Christina Bucher’s ‘Knight Knight’

In 2010 he achieved a Distinction in BTEC Level 3 Performing Arts and trained at the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts (ALRA) in London, specialising in BSL theatre and film.

Alex created a video-diary of his experiences as a young Deaf actor which was screened at Deaffest 2013.  He offered a valuable insight and helped aspiring actors to understand what is required to develop a career in acting.

“I’m very pleased to be invited to become the ambassador of Young Deaffest. I look forward to sharing my journey and supporting young deaf people with their acting and filmmaking projects. Their minds are bursting with ideas, and film making enables them to express these. As a young deaf actor myself, I admire anyone who desires to get into the acting industry, it’s challenging, however at the same time, very rewarding.” – Alex Nowak


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