Art and Photo Exhibition

An exhibition by deaf artists and photographers will be on display throughout the whole of May in the main gallery at Light House.  Free entry.


Anna Herriman

Anna Herriman

I am profoundly deaf from birth and have been interested in photography since 2010 when I went out walking along the source of the River Thames with a friend who had a DSLR camera.  In 2011, I bought my first DSLR and I haven’t looked back since.  Since then I upgrade my DLSR to a Canon EOS 7D and have attended various photography courses including gaining a Distinction in my City and Guilds (Intermediate level) qualification in Photography.  I also have a MSc degree but in a non photography subject.  I have travelled around the UK and the USA with my Canon 7D.  I am particularly interested in landscape photography using light to create special effects by using sunset and sunrise (silhouette) and HDR (High Dynamic Range), light trails and night-time photography.  I also like using ND filters to create special silky effects on moving water.  I hope that you enjoy looking at my photos.


sunset over Brecon Beacons

Oxford Merton Street hdr

kinder stream____________________________________________________________________________

Iain Armstrong


!cid_5D7ADDFB-5998-4121-A5E0-0ECC31A10E3C@lanI am a profoundly deaf photographer specialising in landscape and seascape shots and have been doing so on a part-time basis since 2009.  Getting close to nature and being able to apply my creativity is something I love doing.  My work has been highly commended in the International Emerging Artist Awards 2013 in Dubai and features in their ‘Best Picks’.  One of my works is on the wall at the renowned Nikon School gallery in London.






 Iva Hay

Obrazek k pohadce-barevny


Iva Hay is Deaf artist who is from Prague, the Czech Republic, based in Wolverhampton. She will be presenting her artwork which includes paintings (acrylic on canvas) and illustrations (in Deaf related books, CD, DVDs).




James Boyle

James is a Creative Director of and Jamboy & Co is his new Art store which opened recently. James has worked in fashion in the last 3 years but has always been an artist and is currently developing his Art store.

James is delighted to share that his art work was published in ITMagazine, a magazine in Milan!


Kelly Ann Plummer


Kelly has always enjoyed taking and editing photos from a variety of sources.  She strives to develop her art to showcase to the public and hopes you enjoy looking at her photographs as much as she loves taking photographs.




 Momina Momina


I am a Pakistani artist. I was born deaf. I grew up in a conservative but educated family in Pakistan.  I feel art was part of my life since I was born.  It proved to be my mother tongue as I grew up.  In spite of my disability (deafness and speech problems) I was educated in mainstream educational system in Pakistan.  In 2010, I travelled to UK and did my Master degree in Fine Arts at Northumbria University.  The time I stayed at Northumbria University was very crucial to me, it broadened my horizons to become a qualified professional artist.  My close association with all my tutors at the time, with special mention to Prof Helen Baker, who played an important role in my career enriching my knowledge in art.  This allowed not just giving shape to my own ideas as well as discovering my own path as a professional artist.

My practice has taken me to develop my interest in colour field composition crossing traditional cultural boundaries and ‘Asemic Art’.

3Artist Statement

“I would like to paint the way a bird flies” ~Monet

My current work shows my interest in bird paintings. ‘To me, birds are like beautiful women: their beauty grabs one’s attention, their visual appearance, and their own characteristic is a combination between the real and the abstract. They are images and symbols, they are signs embedded in a multi- cultural – colour – language.

My aim is to develop works of birds using vibrant colours, accentuating and investing my images with wonderment quality using beauty to convey my ideas and feelings through painting.’


Megan Betts and Ryan Smith

Megan Betts and Ryan Smith are both 2nd year students at The Communication Specialist College Doncaster.  They are currently working towards their Photography A2. Deaffest will be their first time displaying their work to the public.

Megan Betts

Megan is 17 and Deaf but had a cochlear implant when she was 3 so has grown up using speech; however she uses Sign Supported English to help her communication.  Megan spent her first year at college trying different types of photography before deciding that macro and the natural world was where she would like to focus.  For her project last year Megan produced a stunning display of images that concentrated on colour, shape and form.


Ryan SmithRyan is 21, he was born hearing but went deaf after contracting meningitis when he was 9 months old. He has a cochlear implant and communicates using speech supported by BSL.  He went to a mainstream primary school before transferring to deaf schools in Boston Spa and Derby. Ryan joined the college in 2013 and was already a keen photographer.  He has a keen interest in all things technical and loves to experiment with new ideas.  He was shown how to use Adobe Photoshop and hasn’t looked back since.






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