Sunday 14th May 2017

Cinema One, Light House

£2 entry at the door (under 16 years – FREE)

9.00am – 10.00am Young Deaffest Films

A Book for Mariana

Dir. Kaique Moreira, Brazil, 2016 (Dur. 9 mins)

A Vadász (The Hunter)

Dir. Tamás Sándor, Hungary, 2016 (Dur. 6 mins)

Choosing A Way

Dir. Marcos Vinicius Torres, Brazil, 2016 (Dur. 7 mins)

Csoda a szöviben 3 – Wonder in the Association

Dir. Tamás Sándor, Hungary, 2016 (Dur. 10 mins)

If I Say

Dir. Richard Baleeiro, Brazil, 2016 (Dur. 8 mins)

Magic hand

Dir. April Mancini, UK, 2016 (Dur. 1 min)


Dir. Olivia and Chloe, UK, 2016 (Dur. 6 mins)

Thing The Mirror Brings To Me

Dir. Gabriela Yamamoto, Brazil, 2016 (Dur. 5 mins)


Dir. Siddharth J Menon, India, 2016 (Dur. 18 mins)

Villám (Lighting)

Dir. Tamás Sándor, Hungary, 2015 (Dur. 9 mins)

Of the ten submitted films, the remaining seven films that do not feature in the top three will be screened.

10.00am – 11.00am Non-Competition Films

Deaf Fast Food 4

10.00am – A Deaf Customer at a Fast Food Restaurant

Dir. Jim McDermott, Canada, 2015 (Dur. 4 mins)

Culture clashes happen everyday. This can result in humorous situations when navigating language, even in the most simple everyday situations. Deaf people are not exempt – they have to decide how to best communicate with hearing people, including pointing, gesturing or even signing. This short film shows a deaf customer using multiple strategies to order a meal in a fast food restaurant, with humorous outcomes.

10.05am – Batu (Stone)

Dir. Luqman Bin Sujak, Malaysia, 2015 (Dur. 10 mins)

Growing up, a father’s influence provides the tools to become successful, and fulfil your greatest dreams. As an adult, the loss of a parent can leave you feeling lost. This film encapsulates the loss, but also the struggle to continue the path toward success.


10.15am – In 8 days

Dir. Laura Díaz, Spain, 2016 (Dur. 14 mins)

Ana, whilst living her daily life, meets a girl in 8 days.

Warning: this film contains scenes of a sexual nature and swearing

FILM BATMAN.m2v.Immagine019

10.30am – La Maschera di Batman (The Batman Mask)

Dir. Antonio Cannata, Italy, 2016 (Dur. 28 mins)

Bruno Weaver, a lawyer who loses his family to murder, becomes the Caped Crusader. As Batman, he seeks to gain justice for his family.

Warning: this film contains swearing and violence

11.15am – A subtitled screening of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (12A)

Set to the all-new sonic backdrop of Awesome Mixtape #2, “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” continues the team’s adventures as they unravel the mystery of Peter Quill’s true parentage.

1.15pm – 1.30pm Recess

1.30pm – 5.05pm Non-Competition Films


1.30pm – I’ll Come to You with Deaf Eyes

Dir. Laetitia Carton, France, 2015 (Dur. 1 hour 47 mins)

This film is a letter to my friend Vincent who died ten years ago. Vincent was deaf. He introduced me to his language, his culture, his world. Through Vincent’s life, the film examines the roots of the distress that plague the deaf, exploring a rich and fascinating world, focusing on a people that struggles to preserve its Sign Language and culture.

Warning: this film contains swearing


3.20pm – IL RUMORE DELLA VIITORIA (Sound of Victory)

Dir. Ilaria Galbusera & Antonino Guzzardi, Italy, 2016 (Dur. 1 hour 8 mins)

Six young guys, champions in sport, but especially in life, are often marked by prejudices and stereotypes related to their disability. In a society that runs fast, not paying them proper attention, they find themselves invisible and face daily struggles and difficulties, united by the wish for revenge against the common belief that they do not have the capabilities. Alice, Anna, Claudio, Loris, Mauro and Pasquale are deaf. A variation of different life stories and deafness, cross each other, divided between sports clubs, deaf and hearing sports associations. The guys in front of the camera tell us how sport has allowed them to overcome the barriers, their huge sacrifices, hold onto their hopes and achieve their dream to get to wear the blue shirt, the greatest ambition for every Italian athlete.

4.30pm – Jabber Wocky

Dir. Matt Jenkins & Clare Seal, UK, 2016 (Dur. 4 mins)

Jabber Wocky is an original short film in BSL and is a translation of the iconic British poem, Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll. This poem is famously playful with words that were invented by the writer, and suggest meaning through their sounds. Translated into sign language by Matt Jenkins (performer/director) and Clare Seal (BSL interpreter/ director), this version similarly invents signs whilst obeying the grammatical rules of BSL.

4.35pm – Kertas Peka (The Deaf Paper)

Dir. Luqman Bin Sujak, Malaysia, 2015 (Dur. 6 mins)

That’s weird! The paper came alive, and can communicate in sign language. But, where did the girl go?

4.40pm – Locked

Dir. William Horsefield, UK, 2017, (Dur. 5 mins)

The young man who always forgets things and leaves them at home, discovers a much bigger problem.

VSA 1080P


Dir. Lee Admassie & Aristote Boyo, UK, 2016 (Dur. 13 mins)

A mysterious corporate figure bored with his lavish lifestyle decides to launch a street fighting tournament. As the contenders battle for supremacy on the streets of London, unbeknown to them an intricate power struggle and conspiracy unravels with them as the pawns. As the schemes and combats build to an explosive climax who will be the ultimate victor?

Warning: this film contains swearing and violence

5.00pm – What You Saying?

Dir. Potent Whisper, UK, 2016 (Dur. 4 mins)

What You Saying? is an urban, radical love story; which has been written in rhyme and delivered in BSL. A young rapper attempts to seduce a beautiful woman on the streets of south London. He then receives a rather unexpected response.