Saturday 7th May 2016 – Film Screenings

Cinema One, Light House

£2 entry at the door (under 16 years – FREE)

9.30am: Close Up – Doug Alker

Screen Shot DOUG

Dir. Ted Evans, UK, 2015 (Dur. 28 mins)

Doug Alker talks about his role as a leading figure in the Deaf world over the past 30 years. He describes the childhood experiences that helped make him the driven person that people see. After working as a chemist, a trade union rep, a semi-professional magician and a player and coach in both football and rugby, in the 1980s he led the Deaf Tribune Group, which transformed and democratised the British Deaf Association (BDA). There followed controversial spells as Chief Executive of the Royal National Institute for Deaf People and Chair of the BDA. In between he even set up a new organisation, the Federation of Deaf People. He also describes how his public life impacted on his private life.

10.00am: Close Up – John Smith


Dir. Ted Evans, UK, 2015 (Dur. 28 mins)

John Smith talks to Tessa Padden about his meteoric rise to prominence as Britain’s best and most famous Deaf stand-up comedian. He describes the painful shyness that prevented him from going on stage until he was 40. Raised in a hearing family, with minimal communication, he went on to work as a joiner for 20 years in an environment that he felt was full of discrimination. He uses these experiences, and those of his previous jobs as an aerobics teacher and an advice worker, as sources for his comedy, which has taken him all over the world. He also reveals a caring and passionate side to his character and discusses his strongly held beliefs about how to improve the lives of Deaf people, especially children and older people.

10.30am: Lost Spaces


Dir. David Ellington, UK, 2016 (Dur. 23 mins)

A sequel to Lost Community, this documentary highlights the one year ‘Lost Spaces’ project, which focuses on the struggles of the members of the Deaf community in Bristol.


10.55am: The Frog King

Dir. Kilian Knorzer, Germany, 2015 (Dur. 18 mins)

A fairy-tale by the famous Brothers Grimm, in German Sign Language (DGS) with English subtitles.

BSL Version.10_05_02_12.Still00411.15am: The Battle for BSL

Dir. Louis Neethling, UK, 2015 (Dur. 28 mins)

The story of how, in 2015, BSL achieved legal status for the first time, in the Scottish Parliament.

11.45am: Nonsense


Dir. Max Clendaniel, UK, 2015 (Dur. 10 mins)

Born without the abilities of sight, sound, smell, touch or taste, Gene has become afraid of the world. That is until one day, when he buys an experimental kit that gives him human senses for the first time. Now the only thing he has to worry about is his greedy roommate, Richard.

12.00pm: Small World – Episode 3

SW_ep3_Ryan FaceTime Omar 04

Dir. Louis Neethling, UK, 2016 (Dur. 28 mins)

The day gets off to a bad start. The shower breaks and the unwashed flat-mates, Laura and Alfonso, get Graham to track down a Deaf plumber. Alfonso prepares for an interview with a film magazine in an attempt to raise his profile. Laura is exposed to Deaf culture by a Deaf plumber – but is he really all that he seems? Chris Baker is still having communication difficulties with the Job Centre and is desperate for money as he is being menaced for an unpaid loan. Ryan brings home his ‘friend’ from work – a possible romantic rival?

Frame SUPERYO (1)

12.30pm: Super-Ego

Dir. Veru Rodriguez, Spain, 2015 (Dur. 8 mins)

Jaime visits a bridge to kill himself but someone appears to try to talk him out of it.

12.40pm: Secret Lab – Health & Disease


Dir. Fifi Garfield, UK, 2015 (Dur. 15 mins)

Professor Knowitall and his two assistants, Dr Bright and Dr Spark, discover how our respiratory system works. Dr Bright is sent to a ski slope where she discovers how her blood cells transport oxygen to her muscles to keep them moving. Back in the lab, Professor Knowitall shows Dr Spark the journey of oxygen and how it enters our bloodstream. Meanwhile Dr Bright rounds up her findings with a few sparks and bangs to demonstrate how energy, which keeps our body moving, is created.

12.55pm: Imagine

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 16.12.29

Dir. Samuel Ash, UK, 2016 (Dur. 5 mins)

Two friends wonder what it would be like to be the last man on Earth. Then, something mysterious happens in the world. The main protagonist is sitting alone when there is a knock on the door. But is everything real?

This film contains flashing lights.

1.00pm – 2.00pm: Recess