9:30am Best International Film

These films contain scenes that some viewers may find disturbing

Asken 3

Asken (Ash) Dir. Dag Boe, Norway, 2014 (Dur. 13 minutes)

Upon the mountain someone was hunted and blown to dust, which leads two magicians to investigate the murder.  The track is leading them to a small town where the murderer is among those living there…


Il Professionista Dir. Antonio Cannata, Italy, 2014 (Dur. 24 minutes)

Boss Toti discovers the name of the dealer who is doing business in his home town and without his permission.  He recruits Jack, a professional killer, to delete this dealer together with his accomplices.  But the dealer is his brother.

Look at me when I talk to Dir. Jose Miguel Rodriquez, Spain, 2014 (Dur. 14 minutes)

Look at me when I talk to is a series consisting of thirteen chapters who protagonists are four deaf people sharing an apartment.  They live the everyday lives of ordinary people and try to bring Deaf culture to hearing people in the visual manner of sign language.

Psychiatric Maintenance Dir. Jose Miguel Rodriquez, Spain, 2014 (Dur. 17 minutes)

Psychiatric Maintenance

This film tells the funny story of Manolo, a technical maintenance person tinkering in psychiatric consultation.  Manolo unwittingly becomes involved in a misunderstanding which makes it difficult to assume the psychiatrist’s role.  Slowly and with ingenious originality he attends to each patient and ends up in a comical situation.


10:40am Best Documentary

Lost Community Dir. David Ellington, UK, 2014 (Dur. 21 minutes)

Lost Community

Lost Community highlights contributions from a range of Deaf Club members, OAPs and adults as they share their personal experiences and memories of Bristol Deaf Club which now faces an uncertain future.


Scottish Islanders Dir. Camilla Arnold, UK, 2015 (Dur. 28 minutes)

Scottish Islanders

Scottish Islanders is a documentary where we meet deaf people living on the remote and barren Scottish Islands – the Isle of Lewis, Isle of Uist and the Shetlands.  We meet them at their home and see what life is like for them.  We learn about what it means to be deaf on the islands – what level of access do they have?  What are the positives and negatives?

Shakespeare – Found in Translation Dir. Cathy Heffernan, UK, 2014 (Dur. 28 minutes)

"A Midsummer Night's Dream"

This follows the journey of a small theatre company as it takes on the daunting challenge of translating Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream into BSL and visual vernacular in just five weeks of rehearsal time before a performance at Shakespeare’s Globe.  Will their translation be successful, and will it be accessible for both deaf and hearing audiences?


Unheard Memories Part Two Dir. Angela Spielsinger, UK, 2014 (Dur. 27 minutes)

Unheard Memories 2

Work War II: Unheard Memories is a two part documentary where Deaf contributors form all over the UK recount their memories of living in wartime Britain through interviews, reminiscences and reunions.  In part two contributors remember the increasing threat of a Nazi invasions, the pressures of rationing and the frustration Deaf people experienced through the food shortage.


12:25pm Best Actress / Best Actor / Best Director

Small World Dir. Louis Neethling, UK, 2014 (Dur. 29 minutes)

small world

Ex-students, Alfonso and Ryan, are flat mates and best friends.  A couple of dreamers who live together in a legendary flat where generations of Deaf students have lived.  People have met the loves of their lives at parties at the legendary flat (even a baby or two have been conceived!)  but everyone has moved on to new lives, all except Alfonso and Ryan.  With their latest flat mates leaving, Alfonso and Ryan need to quickly find replacements to pay the rent.  New flat mates always mean change but that’s not always a bad thing, even when it feel like it.

welcome to the deaf world

Welcome to the Deaf World Dir. William Horsefield, UK, 2014 (Dur. 4 minutes)

After picking on Charlie for being deaf, Tom’s world is changed when something terrible happens overnight.  This film shows that deaf people are not dumb.


4:00pm Best British Film

Dir. Bim Ajadi, UK, 2014 (Dur. 7 minutes)

This film contains scenes that some viewers may find disturbing

In the confines of his dishevelled bedsit, an agoraphobic young man is challenged to a game of Connect 4.  However it soon becomes apparent that this is no ordinary version of the parlour game that we are watching.  What was designed for reaction has now become an obsessive addiction.  Losing for him is no longer an option, but are the odds stacked against him, and are stakes too high?  A suspense drama… “For some people things don’t always fall into place”.

OKA Dir. Paul Miller, UK, 2014 (Dur. 10 minutes)

Oka 1This film contains scenes that some viewers may find disturbing

In space far away, a little green alien called OKA is sitting in his space ship following his mother.  He gets caught in a black hole, which takes him away from her.  When he comes out of the black hole, he is lost, frightened and ends up crashing on earth.  A young deaf girl called Hazel lives alone.  She sees the ship pass her house and watches it crash not far from where she lives.  Will she be able to rescue him?

The Kiss Dir. Charlie Swinbourne, UK, 2014 (Dur. 7 minutes)

The KissThis film contains some mild swearing that some viewers may find disturbing

When a hearing couple meet a deaf couple in a cafe, they realise that some things can only be said with a kiss.

Battle Lines Dir. Julian Peedle-Calloo, UK, 2014 (Dur. 28 minutes)

Battle lines

Battle Lines is a drama set in the time of The Great War.  It juxtaposes the inner struggle for love and justice wit the overarching pain and pride of war.  Arthur Robertson is forced to come face to face with more struggles than he bargained for.  Watching his personal battle unfold proves that sometimes all that matters is knowing that you matter.

If I Don’t Lose, I’ll Lose Dir. Jean St Clair, UK, 2014 (Dur. 14 minutes)

IF I dont lose ill lose

Mabel Morgan is an award-winning Deaf actress who needs to lose the bulge or face losing her next starring role to Deaf actress imposter, Bella Lazari.  but temptations within her home threaten her chances of success.


Tree Fairy

Tree Fairy Dir. Louis Neethling, UK, 2013 (Dur. 25 minutes)

A magical family tale of nine-year old Libby and a tiny signing fairy who comes to grant her wishes, albeit in a rather unexpected way.



5:30pm – 7:00pm Recess

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