Saturday 18th May 2019

Cinema One, Light House, The Chubb Buildings, Fryer St, Wolverhampton WV1 1HT

£2 entry at the door (under 16 years – FREE)


9.00am 10.55am Best Documentary

9.00am Dachaligh | Home | Dir. Will Clark, Scotland, 2019 (Dur. 10 mins)

We follow Lucy’s journey from England to Scotland in search of a new future and a place to call home.  Finding a home is a journey. Home can be a place or a feeling, it is something inside us that makes us feel alive. This documentary explores these issues.

9.10am Deaf Child | Dir. Alex de Ronde, Netherlands, 2017 (Dur. 1 hour 11 mins)

Deaf Child is a coming of age film by Alex de Ronde in which he portrays the life of his son, a charismatic young man who happens to be deaf. The film follows Tobias from the cradle to the present day through archive material and other personal footage.

10.25am Dot | Dir. Bim Ajadi, UK, 2018 (Dur. 28 mins)

A drama-documentary about the life of Deaf poet, civil rights activist and pioneer, Dorothy (Dot) Miles. Dot’s close friends and family share their memories of her – her legacy, work and the challenges she faced including her tragic battle with bi-polar disorder. Performances from Jean St Clair, Sophie Stone, Jovita Bodamer-Macgregor.


10.55am – 12.30pm Best Screenwriter / Actor / Actress

10.55am Dot’s Legacy | Dir. Cathy Heffernan, UK, 2018 (Dur. 28 mins)

Nadia Nadarajah looks at the legacy of Dorothy Miles (Dot). In her diary, Dot writes “My biggest dream to write something that will live on after me”. For Nadia, it’s a journey to see how Dot’s poetry evolved through the events of her tragic life and the influences on her. Modern day Deaf poets examine Dot’s poetic heritage and perform her works.

11.25am Faking a Living | Dir. Joël Chalude & Jean-Marie Hallegot, France, 2018 (Dur. 43 mins)

Pinto and Edna, an elderly deaf couple, have just moved into a low-cost flat. It’s Monday morning and Pinto must return to work, but he will be disturbed by his new environment and by an unfortunate succession of domestic incidents. He will end up not only with an incidentally chaplinesque outfit that will make him switch to a world of silent cinema, but also a defective hearing aid that will result in a day of communication slippage…

12.10pm The Pastman | Dir. Charlie Ainsworth, USA, 2018 (Dur. 18 mins)

In the future, time travel is possible, and it is overrun with time criminals. A government agent is assigned to travel back in time to serve as a consolation to those who are affected by time-crime. Warning: this film contains swearing


5.00pm – 5.40pm Best International Short Film

5.00pm A Date Without Barriers | Dir. Christoph Kopal, Austria, 2017 (Dur. 10 mins)

This film is about a date with three people: a woman, her Austrian Sign Language interpreter and a man. In other words, a date with 3 people in spoken and sign language. In order to be able to fully appreciate the situation of people who are deaf, the film is silent and completely subtitled. A visual and fully accessible date – from beginning to end. Warning: this film contains scenes of a sexual nature

5.10pm Deafening Darkness | Dir. Mark Trifunovic, Canada, 2017 (Dur. 20 mins)

A brave Deaf woman searching for her missing friend encounters a mysterious alien from another world, struggling to come to terms with its traumatic past…

Deafening Darkness is a collaboration between Deaf and hearing filmmakers, in the first all-Deaf cast psychological horror of its kind to come out of Toronto! Warning: this film contains some violence scenes that viewers may find upsetting and flashing lights

5.30pm This is Ed!! | Dir. Bob Hiltermann, USA, 2017 (Dur. 7 mins)

This is Ed!!, is a light-hearted comedy based on a true story, illustrating that the difficulties two deaf friends have communicating with each other, can have a humorous side.

In the summer of 1973, Steve and Ed are best friends living in the same apartment complex, when Ed finds himself in need of Steve to help him out before an important date. A hilarious conversation ensues as a frustrated Ed tries repeatedly to make Steve understand that he desperately needs his assistance. Steve, using broken and outdated body hearing aids, is completely clueless to his buddy’s predicament which only leads to frustration for Ed until he reaches breaking point.

Studio Cinema, Light House

12.50pm – 1.20pm Best Artistic Short Film

12.50pm Ants Don’t Speak but They Work Together | Dir. Nikhil Chalakh, India, 2018 (Dur. 7 mins)

This film is an insight into the world of a boy who is a daydreamer. He is deaf and mute and has a special relationship with nature. The boy comes to admire the unity among ants. He saves some of them from being crushed. The film talks about his relationship with the ants & ends on a cumulative note.

1.00pm Dumbass | Dir. Alexander Darby, UK, 2019 (Dur. 4 mins)

This music video is about a teacher who forces deaf people to use oral communication rather than communicate with their hands at school. Deaf people should be proud to use sign language to communicate. Warning: this film contains swearing

1.05pm The Dreamer |  Dir. Erik Akervall, Sweden, 2018 (Dur. 5 mins)

She’s strong. She’s thick skinned. She’s a dreamer. Warning: this film contains swearing

1.10pm The Gingerbread Witch | Dir. Paul Miller, UK, 2019 (Dur. 10 mins)

Young twins, Anders (deaf) and Aurora (hearing) share a very special bond. They come from an old Scottish mystical village called Oban, which can be described as rural and impoverished. The village people are kind but have very little to spare. Without any explanation, children from the village have been disappearing for generations. One day, the twins happen to find themselves at the centre of the mystery, when they come across an enchanted artefact, but will this help with their adventure…? Can they solve the mystery? And will the strength of their special bond defy the odds?


1.20pm – 1.40pm Best UK Short Film

1.20pm Ava | Dir. William Grint, UK, 2019 (Dur. 4 mins)

A babysitter takes over for the night with some unexpected consequences.

1.25pm The Future Is Dead | Dir. Phoebe Capewell, UK, 2018 (Dur. 5 mins)

Phoebe’s final graduation show film is titled ‘The Future is Dead’, it is an art piece inspired by the Black Mirror series that focuses on ‘techno-paranoia’ portrayed in dystopian fiction. The Future is Dead was filmed in Paris, France and relies on the effects of psychogeography and mental health issues that society has to suffer.

Warning: this film contains swearing and flashing lights

1.30pm Where I Belong | Dir. Rosie Benn, UK, 2017 (Dur. 8 mins)

A short film about feeling like an outsider in your own family, who speak a different language.


1.40pm – 3.55pm Best Film

1.40pm Hedy and Heidi: The Lost Sister | Dir. Jason Roberts, USA, 2017 (Dur. 1 hour 13 mins)

The internet-famous duo Hedy and Heidi make their way to the big screen in this delightful comedy. Follow Hedy’s epic cross-country adventure in search of her sister, Heidi. In typical Hedy fashion, she gets herself into a variety of downright silly situations. Will Hedy manage to reconnect with the sister she’s long dreamed of?

2.55pm Reverberations | Dir. Samuel Dore, UK, 2018 (Dur. 28 mins)

In 2167, a fascist Government uses advances in gene therapy to eradicate Deafness and create a perfect society. A young Deaf time traveller is sent to the present to meet the inventor of the cure and change her mind before it’s too late.

3.25pm To Know Him | Dir. Ted Evans, UK, 2018 (Dur. 28 mins)

To lay the man she loves to rest, Sarah has to encounter his estranged father, John and overcome a barrier far greater than language. Two worlds, Deaf and Hearing collide in this powerful emotional drama. Warning: this film contains swearing


3.55pm – 5.40pm Best Television Programme

3.55pm Deaf Funny 3 | Dir. Charlie Swinbourne, UK, 2018 (Dur. 28 mins)

The first television Deaf sketch comedy sees the return of old favourites – the cowboy interpreter, Deaf hugger and some new characters. Humour based on the everyday lives of Deaf people.

4.25pm Floating Sauna |  Dir. Erik Akervall, Sweden, 2019 (Dur. 15mins)

Floating Sauna is a unique talk-show where a selection of deaf, international guests meet our host Erik Akervall. The goal of this show is to break taboos, and to exhibit different destinies and experiences. Warning: this film contains mild nudity 

4.40pm See Hear on Tour 2 – Tel Aviv | Dir. Sebastian Cunliffe, UK, 2019 (Dur. 29 mins)

Nadeem Islam visits the city of Tel Aviv, also known as the Miami of the Middle East. Wandering the sunny boulevards and beaches with his deaf Israeli guide, Omer, they take in the beautiful Bauhaus architecture and a show at the famous Nalaga’at theatre of the deafblind. Nadeem has a Muslim background, and Omer is Israeli – will they discuss the issue of Israel and Palestine?
Nadeem also takes on a couple of deaf volleyball champions, meets a deaf Holocaust survivor, learns the Israeli alphabet, and joins Tel Aviv’s Pride march – one of the largest in the world!

5.10pm Small World Series 2 Episode 3 | Dir. Louis Neethling, UK, 2018 (Dur. 28 mins)

With Graham back from Wales and Laura concentrating on her pop career, Chris discovers his inner Deafhood. Ryan is forced to fight a pizza and Graham must battle the powers of the one they call ‘Shiny’.