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An exhibition by deaf artists and photographers will be on display this May in the Main Gallery at Light House Media Centre.



A selection of GCSE art work by pupils at Braidwood Trust School for the Deaf will be on display.




I am a young Deaf artist based in Wales and I am currently studying an Art & Design Foundation Diploma course. I am passionate about Art and when I draw or paint something, I discover the true meaning of my work. It’s like a secret between the canvas and myself that nobody else can find out about, and that’s what I like about Art.

I am looking forward to showing my personal work, linked to abstraction, expressionism and surrealism, at the exhibition. I have chosen these themes to reflect the uncertainties happening in the world today and my work incorporates fantasy and dream imagery, revealing anxieties through visual means.





I am a Fine Artist, my work for Deaffest has always used the alphabet to explore sounds and emotions linked with my personal experience of deafness and tinnitus. My current work for Deaffest is a further exploration of these themes. You can see my work processes on Instagram.






I am a young multidisciplinary artist and activist studying (BA Hons) Visual Communication at Leeds Arts University, who is committed to disability and human rights. My specialities are photography, film and design. I am passionate about creating work that is bold and confrontational, as well as public. Being born Deaf into a Deaf family and travelling to Palestine in 2018 are all things that contributed to my realisation of the vitality of social responsibility and creating social change.





Exhibitor Ruaridh

Individual tartan shows distinct identity, it represents each subject’s heritage. In my work as an independent artist, I noticed that all the paintings are done using a blank canvas but that none have been done on a base of tartan materials. The blank white canvas does not truly show the characters as I aim to. I am passionate to see what the characters reveal when they are shown on tartan. The tartan represents their identity, their roots in Scotland, whether they be from the rural landscape, the highlands or the sea.

Ruardih Work




I look at how sounds work in relation to communication, share my rich and varied culture and invite a wider audience to participate in my world. In a society where deafness can still be treated as a taboo, I use my experience to attempt to break down barriers in order to give credence to what is often perceived as a disability. I want my work to provide an opening into a different world: a culture not defined by disability but by its rich and varied language, traditions and relationships; a community that enables a sense of identity. I examine and attempt to understand sound within the context of art as well as considering how this relates to my own experience of being deaf. My work explores the membrane between the deaf and hearing worlds. The aim of my art is to create a wider audience who have crossed that membrane in some way and therefore to lessen the misunderstandings and barriers between the two worlds.


I use a variety of materials, mapping their response to sounds projected through speakers; my films and installations each reflect different aspects of communication. The work is an imaginative attempt to visually reflect and grapple with sound and the absence of sound.


Life is a rollercoaster; carrying the world on small shoulders, people are sometimes a closed book, misunderstandings abound, barriers are everywhere, there’s fear around deafness even now, frustration grows, pressure increases and this world can seem a small one.

The social pressure of my deafness has propelled me to express the challenges I face within a society that appears less adaptable and even frightened of such a disability.

My work, whilst not demanding empathy, encourages the audience to enter into and absorb an experience of limited sound and a rich visual world.



Vicky 4


I am a deaf wife, mother and artist living in Hampshire. I have been creating media art most of my life. I am passionate about working with bright colours, using fun techniques to create abstract paintings which inspire joy and peace. I find art both a therapeutic and inspirational way to visually express myself.