10:00am 600 Secs

Dir. David Ellington, 2014, UK, Viewers may find some scenes disturbing / violent

600 Secs is the sequel to 300 Secs.  It profiles Adam Evans, a deaf fighter involved in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), who shares his tough fighting experiences to date, his hobby and future ambitions.

10:36am The Lonely Fish

Dir. James Cooley, 2012, USA, Viewers may find some scenes disturbing

In this surrealistic and silent film, a lonely man desperately seeks to fall in love with someone until a mysterious woman from the deep sea offers love, and lures him into the sea.  Is she the one?

11:03am Salvation

Dir. M J Kielbus, 2013, USA, Viewers may find some scenes disturbing

A young man who is aiming to become a priest confronts his own inner demons and seeks salvation by helping out his younger brother.

11:22am Mirror Healer

Dir. Chalermchai Sarawitthayakulchai, Thitinat Banditkittiwit, 2013, Thailand

This Thai comedy style short film talks about how a teacher handles naughty children.

11:32am Whatsapp + U

Dir. Anthony Cheung, 2013, Hong Kong

In recent years, there is a very strange phenomenon, whether in the subway, on the street, offices, restaurants and other places.  What kind of thing affects people’s relationships?  But it’s nothing to be so fond of unfortunately, things are not that cute.  It can be said; it can bring people people closer and it can be excruciating for people.

11:41am Its Your Own Fault

Dir. Ute Sybille Schmitz & Thomas Theo Hofmann, 2012, Germany

A young love caught in the vortex between promise and authenticity.  Two deaf young adults in three different episodes are constantly faced with the question to make a decision for themselves or the other.  The first love is tested!

11:54am I Am Fine

Dir. Bellamie Bachleda, 2014, USA

“I am Fine” recounts the personal experiences of a domestic violence survivor.  She recalls living her life in fear and denial and her daily feelings while she endured a relationship with an abuser.  The emotions and reactions she experienced are universal for all women, men, and children who live in abusive situations.  Her documented story encourages open dialogues on speaking out for domestic violence victims.

11:57am Interview With Richard Griffiths

Dir. Marilyn Willrich, 2013, UK

Exclusive interview with Deaffest’s former Patron Richard Griffiths OBE.

12:00pm – 12:45pm Children’s Workshop with Krazy Kat Theatre

‘Storytelling without words’ is a hands-on, moving about workshop.

Come and be an actor for a while, and learn some new fun communication skills with mime and movement.  Krazy Kat’s workshop are serious fun, designed to encourage a child’s creativity, and lead them into further areas of learning through drama.

Suitable for deaf children and their hearing friends/siblings.  Age range 5-7.

For more information about Families / Children Activities: Click here!

12:10pm Young Deaffest Highlights

A chance to see all the Young Deaffest films, including a repeat of the shortlisted ones.

12:12pm The Battery Battle (Young Deaffest)

Dir. William Horsefield, 2013, UK

“The Battery Battle” is a short action/comedy film.  The story is about a school that has stopped giving away free cochlear implant and hearing aid batteries because of government cuts.  The deaf students with their imagination have to battle for the very last battery.  So who will win?

12:17pm Something To Say (Young Deaffest)

Dir. John Maiden, 2013, UK

A young teenager awkwardly tries to have a conversation with a girl, but can’t find the right words to say.  He’s eventually interrupted by another girl being chased by a hoard of zombies who surrounded the area.  The young boy and girl consider running away, but then in their typical English manner, decide not as they don’t want to hurt the zombie’s feelings.

12:23pm Dark Archaeology (Young Deaffest)

Dir. William Horsefield, 2013, UK

Three teenage friends break a door and go underground but something’s not right.  They find four black demons which are really bad ghosts.  They discover that back in 1991, four teenagers were exploring underground.

12:37am The ABC Challenge (Young Deaffest)

Dir. Heaton Manor School & Marden High School, 2013, UK

Who will be crowned the Karate Kid of BSL?  After being challenged to a BSL sign-off by the arrogant “cool” kid, our unfashionable hero seeks the help of the sign language guru and embarks on a gruelling training regime to challenge her nemesis in a dramatic denouement.

12:40am Back To The Exam (Young Deaffest)

Dir. William Horsefield, 2013, UK

This special film was made for Year 11 leavers.  The students were doing their exams, and on exam results day some students got a pass mark, however, two young boys failed, receiving a “U”.  They had to re-do the exams.  After this, James found the “box” and Folarin took the small paper out of the box.  It said “Press the red button”.  What will happen to them if they press the red button?

12:51pm Shadow Stalker, Part 2 (Young Deaffest)

Dir. William Horsefield, 2013, UK

This film was sequel to Shadow Stalker Part 1.  3 years later, a new student called Will goes to the boarding school.  He meets the older student, Matthew, who guides Will around in the boarding school.  However, the killer wants something from Will.  Do you think Will can get away from the killer’s trap?

1:08pm Zero Choice (Young Deaffest)

Dir. Zoe McWhinney, 2014, UK, Viewers may find some scenes disturbing

A group of teenagers’ survival in a zombie apocalypse world, this is a story of haunting flashbacks of those left behind for the dead.  Guilt, anger and revenge runs in the blood of the brave survivors.  Best to die fighting than to die a coward.

1:18pm Elaine’s Wood (Young Deaffest)

Dir. Paula Maiden, 2013, UK

A group of friends on holiday come across an old map which marks out an area called Elaine’s Wood.  Later on they come across a dusty book which tells the story of how the area came to be named after a bossy little girl who was abandoned in the woods by her friends and never seen again.  To show they’re not afraid of the story, the group of friends venture out into Elaine’s Wood, but soon discover they’re not alone.

1:25pm BREAK

2:00pm A FREE subtitled screening of Disney’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Dir. Anthony Russo, 2014, USA

This free subtitled screening will be showing as part of Deaffest 2013, courtesy of Marvel Studios, Inc. and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures UK.

This film has an age rating certificate of 12A, which means parents are responsible for children throughout the film.

Here’s the link to promo video! https://vimeo.com/91565305

4:15pm END OF DEAFFEST 2014