7pm Opening Reception

8:00pm Sign Media – Interactive Learning Resource

SignMedia is an exciting collaboration between Deaf media professionals and teaching experts in the UK, Austria and Italy.  Meet members of our Austrian and UK team as they present the challenges and opportunities of the media world in their country and discuss the potential of the SignMedia learning resource.

8:05pm Launch of Deaffest 2012

8:15pm Premieres & New Talent

Still Here Dir. Louis Neethling, 2012
A group of Deaf club performers who have been together for over 30 years are thrown into turmoil when one of the group falls ill. The sudden realisation that old age has crept up on them causes friction and strain within the group. Is this the end for the Deaf club performers?

The Silent Killer Dir. Kelly Ferguson, 2011
The Silent Killer is not your average boy meets girl story. After a brief passing on a station platform, “The Boy” begins to follow “The Girl”, seemingly with romantic intentions. But is he following her or is she leading him? When he tries to kill her, who will survive? And will they ever be able to have a first date?

The Allotment Dir. Sebastiana Mazzocchio, 2012
Post war 1950’s Britain is where we meet Frank who is trying to come to terms with the loss of his wife and daughter in a recent car accident. In his wife’s honour he takes over her beloved allotment and falls for the land and the people he meets when he gets there. Dorothy and Bob the helpful old couple, a group of gossipy teenage girls that play sports and a woman scorned by her husband band together as a makeshift family, but could there be love on the attotment even after all that’s happened?

The Third Brigade Dir. Etienne de Clerck, 2012
In February 2011, there was a civil uprising in Libya. In a few months, the whole country was in turmoil, with open warfare between the “rebels” and the “pro-Gaddafists”. During the nine months of war, a rather particular group fought alongside the rebels: the “Deaf and Mute Brigade”. One year after the beginning of the Libyan revolution, Daniel Abbou visited the town of Misrata to meet these deaf soldiers, who took arms to change their own destinies as “handicapped” civillians, and to take part in the historic changes that have redefined their country.

Me & Robert Pattinson Dir. Drew Mastromartino, 2011
A young woman is attached to her boyfriend Robert Pattinson… except he’s a cardboard cutout

9:40pm Films for mature audiences (18)

Wild Dogs Dir. Timothy De Graff & Tobias De Ronde, 2011
A drama based in Amsterdam about the four deaf guys falling into the sleaze where with easy access to drugs & fast money, anything is possible. By finding out that being in the underground world may get them easy money in the city famous for its many vices, the four friends started to get even more involved to a point where it may end in them paying the ultimate price.

Sex or Chocolate (Dir. Ro Navas, 2009
A comedy comparing “Sex or Chocolate?” to determine which is better of the two.

The Beaten Dir. Simon McKeown, 2011
Legendary British disabled actor Liz Carr stars in a hard-hitting drama ‘The Beaten’. Written and directed by Simon McKeown, ‘The Beaten’ questions society’s attitude to care and domination, studying the potential despair and abuse disabled people may face now and in the future. Liz Carr says “The Beaten is a dark glimpse into a possible future for disabled people… an important film by a director not afraid to take audiences to the depths of possibility.”

10:30pm Networking in Lock Works