Sunday 19th May 2013

10am – 12.45pm NDCS Animation workshop for 8-12 years old

Learn from the professionals how to create cartoons and animation for children! This workshop is for 8-12 years old and is completely free! Visit here to find out more information about the workshop.

10am 4th Film Gala Awards Winners

Another opportunity to watch the winning films of the 4th Film Gala Awards again! Here is a link to the nominated films that will battle for the acclaimed trophies on Saturday evening!

11am More Young Deaffest

A chance to watch the winning film of Young Deaffest, as the winning film will be screened again, followed by two further unseen films.

Hey – Look What I Can Do! | Dir. Simon Collins.

Hey - Look What I Can Do!

Hey – Look What I Can Do!” meets Emily, a Deaf young person, just after she has been put down by her sister for being Deaf. She goes online to find out just how much Deaf people can achieve in their lives – and surprises her sister in the process! It is a funny, entertaining and also informative film. It includes customised subtitles and in-vision interpreting. Made for the National Deaf Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (Manchester Outreach Team).

Shadow Stalker | Dir. William Horsefield.

Shadow Stalker

A teenage boy, Sam arrives at his old boarding school and met his old best friend, Liam. Sam made new friends with deaf people who stayed in the old boarding school. Shadow Stalker (killer) came to murder Sam in the first place but he killed some deaf people who got in his way.

11:30am Innovate!

Boris Bolt | Dir. Paul Miller.

Boris Bolt

Boris Bolt is a lonely little Frankenstein with a face full of scares and a big heart. He lives all by himself in his little old crooked house, that he has never once left. One day he wakes up feeling very sad. As he looks around his room he realises it is so empty and lifeless. Boris thinks to himself. “Right, that’s it I’m going to go out and make some friends,” He gets up and goes exploring to find some friends. which proves to be more difficult than he originally thought it would be!

Caracola | Dir. Daniel P. Alava.


He is late. She is angry. He tries to explain himself, but words aren’t necessary.

Diary of a Cat | Dir. Teresa Garratty.

Diary Of A Cat

Inspired by the internet sensation “Dog Diary vs Cat Diary”, this micro budget mockumentary captures the ups and downs of life as a domestic cat. You might think Easy, well think again!

Little World | Dir. Becky Bailey.

Little World

In this animated short set in the Victorian era, “Little World” tells the story of a young Deaf woman called Beth. Now an adult, she visits the crumbling old Deaf school where she grew up, and she remembers fondly how it shaped her.

Mr. Subtitle | Dir. Thomas Giddens & Joe Yuese Shi.

Mr. Subtitle

Matt is in an student and he is 21 years old. He is a student living in the beautiful flat with their fellow housemates… He have his ‘Mr Subtitle’ translator for him to understand and read the subtitle from everyday lives people oral speaking to him.  However, his other fellow housemate, Joe got envy of him because he is also a Profoundly Deaf student. Matt tried to run away from Joe. In this film you will find out if Matt can kept away from Joe, or it might not.

This film contains occasional strong language that some viewers may find disturbing.

Tempus Fugit | Dir. Simon Herdman.

Tempus Fugit

‘Tempus Fugit’ is an experimental timelapse film, and was directed, photographed, edited and produced by Simon Herdman. With an astonishing entire total of 752 GB and 14,046 photographs, ‘Tempus Fugit’ is a fast and furious paced timelapse based on industrial man made wonders that is Newcastle.

Tache Off | Dir. Bim Ajadi.

Tache Off

As part of Phil Bloom’s “Movember” short film competition, aimed at raising awareness of Prostate and Testicular Cancer.

The short film consists of two characters played by one person, they are in a ‘hair raising’ Tache-off, throwing down the best moves in a visual vernacular style to see who comes out the victor!

Visual Vernacular is a popular sign-poetry art form that plays a big part within the deaf community world-wide. The performer brings to life images using a combination of mime, sign poetry and creativity.

The experimental film was shot in the back of house, in a living room, with £0 budget and only a half day of edit time left before the film had to be delivered!

11:55am Look what we have – More Films!

Deaf Rock N’Roll | Dir. Cristian Pascariu.

Deaf Rock N'Roll

In a world that takes hearing for granted, this is an exploration of a deaf woman who tries to find where her son’s rock concert is held. A magnetic experience of music performance through the eyes and ears fo a deaf woman.

Falling for Vilma | Dir. Kelly Ferguson.

Falling for Vilma

Vilma is shy and endearing. She is also a self-proclaimed klutz whose dates all end the same way- in disaster. This date with Alex is no exeception. Waking up under a pile of cardboard with a black eye, missing his shoes and jacket. Alex calls his brother Freddie to come and help. Horrified at what he hears, the story unfolds. Alex was sneezed on, spat on, slapped in the face, knocked unconscious and robbed. Except that does not tell the whole story. Love can happen anywhere to anyone at any time. This is the story of Alex, falling for Vilma.

Life Out There | Dir. David Ellington.

Life Out There

Billy Clinton and his dad, Jack, are UFO spotters but when Billy sees himself on a TV documentary he’s shocked. Billy realises it’s time to really find life out there.

You, Me | Dir. Simon Herdman.

You, Me

A charming family drama set during Christmas, telling 2 intercutting stories at both ends of the age range as a little girl learns that Santa might not be Deaf, and a old teacher must find a new calling after his Deaf school is closed due to budget cuts.

1:10pm Exclusive screening: I Sign, I Live

I Sign, I Live | Dir. Anja Hiddinga.

I Sign, I Live

Jascha is a young deaf art student who doesn’t much care about the hearing world. But he can’t escape it if he wants to fulfill his ambitions. This makes him rebellious and uncertain. Armed with a camera, he visits Europe’s only home for elderly deaf people and tries to find out how these people have lived their lives. They tell him about their youth, when sign language was forbidden, about their struggles against embarrassment and patronization. Though Jascha’s world is very different he finds himself wondering whether some answers to his questions might be found in their stories.

1:15pm – 4pm NDCS Animation workshop for 13-16 years old

Learn from the professionals how to create cartoons and animation for children! This workshop is for 13-16 years old and is completely free! Visit here to find out more information about the workshop.

2:15pm A FREE subtitled screening of Marvel’s Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3

This free subtitled screening will be showing as part of Deaffest 2013, courtesy of Marvel Studios, Inc. and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures UK.

This film has an age rating certificate of 12A, which means parents are responsible for children throughout the film.