Saturday 18th May 2013

9am Registration

10am – 4pm Deaffest Fair

Browse the stalls in the courtyard. This year there will be a fantastic range of stalls! For more information about stalls visit this page. There will also be activities for families including magical tricks to amaze the young ones from Mark Barber, a talented magician!

9:30am – 2:15pm Adults Scriptwriting Workshop

This is a free event for adults only, led by our special guest from America, Kalen Feeney and more information about this workshop can be found here.

9:30am Best International Film

Frequency | Dir. Mindy Drapsa. Sweden.


Edit’s world is falling apart. All the people around her have died suddenly and she finds her parents dead in their home. Edit runs for help but there are only lifeless bodies everywhere. Then she gets a message saying “Sorry”.

Here In Silence | Dir, Jake Willis. Australia.

Here in Silence

A young man meets a young Deaf woman unintentionally when they miss their train. As they wait for the next train Michael and Isabelle form a beautiful bond learning to overcome their language barriers and communicate.

Identidad | Dir. Alejandro Figueras. Spain.


A young deaf student reflects on his personal and family life, and how the education system, barriers with communication and mental barriers are a part of his daily life. This film looks at the environment that questions by action and omission, personal and social identity.

This film contains scenes that some viewers may find disturbing.

Jacob’s Story | Dir. Alice Ansara. Australia.

Jacob's Story

This film tells Jacob’s story – how Jacob’s family used anti-discrimination legislation to fight for the right to sign language interpreters for his education. Entirely in Australian Sign Language (Auslan), Jacob’s Story also talks about the history of deaf education in Australia and celebrates our deaf community’s language.

10:20am Best British Film Part One

Champion of the World | Dir. Bim Ajadi.

Champion Of The World

Sophie is a talented young Deaf athlete. After being hit by a car, she fears she may never compete again. With sheer grit and determination, and the support of a previously absent father, (a talented athlete in his youth) she proves that anyone could be champion of the world.

Confession | Dir. Julian Peedle-Calloo.


Set in the aftermath of the Milan Conference, which promoted oralism over Sign Language, “Confession” is a historical drama set during the Victorian era depicting the culture battle between oralism and Signing in the Deaf community. Featuring the real historical figures of Alexander Graham Bell and Reverend Francis Maginn as they battle for the future of Deaf culture, the film depicts the true consequences of the Milan conference held 10 years previously.

Strangers | Dir. Brian Duffy.


“Strangers” is about a Deaf teenager in a hearing family, where communication is not clear. An interpreter arrives on her own because the social worker is held up, and suddenly the son has a voice with which to express himself, much to the astonishment of his parents.

11:20am Young Deaffest Award

The Young Deaffest Awards entries will be judged by Caroline O’Neill, with the award being presented by a special guest that is Rachel Shenton.

Decorating Disaster | Dir. Charlotte O’Connor.

Decorating Disaster

Lola, a young deaf girl was inspired by a TV programme and wants to be an interior designer. She must raise money to go to New York, but will her friends help her to achieve her dream?

I Won’t Do That Again | Dir. William Horsefield.

I Won't Do That Again!

Jake in an amateur scientist and he is 19 years old. He makes a special control panel which clones people. He wants to it by cloning himself, however the control panel goes wrong because of a loose wire. Jake tries to fix the problem but he faces mysterious happenings. In this film you will find out if Jake solves the problem.

Stargazer | Dir. The Arches Youth Club, Solar Bear and Hillhead High School.


A bitter sweet tale of love and loss. Matt stargazes, searching the sky every night looking for signs of his departed wife. Keeping him company is his plucky companion, Jockie the dog. Matt is planning a surprise for his Grandson Tony. Overnight something changes; will Tony ever find out what his Grandfather had planned?

That’s Not All Of Me | Dir. Eelyn Lee and Hayley McWilliams.

That's not all of me

Deaf children across the UK submitted poems to the Life & Deaf website between 2006 and 2011. These poems represent a broad range of positive and negative thoughts and feelings about deafness and identity. To honour this body of work, extracts from over 50 of these poems were woven together to create the collective poem “That’s not all of me”. This poem formed the basis of the script for the short film. Deaf young people aged 11 – 22 collaborated with creative professionals, participating as writers, consultants, actors, make-up artists and producers to create the moving short film “That’s not all of me”.

US. | Dir. Michaela Caspar.


“Why did they all come here?” US., that’s 20 Deaf, hard-of-hearing, multiply impaired and hearing teenagers and young adults from Berlin in between 17 and 245. Almost all of them have a migrant background. They come from Azerbaijan, Serbia, Armenia, Egypt, Palestine, Germany, Vietnam, Mexico and Turkey. For the last 4 years they have performed together in a drama group. In this film they explore their backgrounds as immigrants, family history and place in society, partly by absurd actions, partly with a poetic point of view. US. features German Sign Language, signed German, spoken Russian, spoken German and written English.

12:45pm Presentation: The British Deaf Association’s ‘Heritage Picture House’: Unveiling the National Film Archive of the Deaf Community.

BDA Heritage

The British Deaf Association is delighted to present this ‘sneak peek’ at their extensive film archive! With material dating back to the 1920s, the BDA is currently working with the Heritage Lottery Fund to develop an activity plan that will see over 100 of their film reels digitised and made available online, and also at special screening events such as Deaffest. The films capture the use of BSL in a variety of settings and environments throughout the twentieth century, alongside footage of the Deaf community at social gatherings, sporting events, conferences and much, much more!

The clips will be presented by Jemma Buckley, the BDA’s Deaf Heritage Project Manager, and more information can be found on the BDA’s stall.

12:55pm – 1:15pm Interval

1:15pm Best Documentary

Crossing the Divide | Dir. Cathy Heffernan.

Crossing the Divide

Relationships across the religious divide in Northern Ireland. Documentary exploring the ties that brought Deaf people together, and pushed them apart, during the Troubles in Northern Ireland. Featuring extensive archive footage and interviews with people who attended Deaf schools in Belfast at the time, this film tells the story of friendships and romances that crossed the religious divide.

Punk Chef | Dir. Camilla Arnold.

Punk Chef

Punk Chef is a TV first! In the first ever cookery programme for deaf people, Punk Chef travels to Hemel Hempstead to meet the Durant family who struggle to eat healthily; it is their love for junk food that is putting their health at risk. Punk Chef, armed with his typical punk attitude, chucks away all the family’s processed food and defies them to change their ways. He takes the family on a culinary journey, where they learn the delights of local food markets and the importance of eating fresh produce. The family are challenged to rustle up quick but healthy food for the week – will they succeed and change for the better?

300 SECS | Dir. David Ellington and David Hay.

300 SECS

300 SECS, introduces Adam Evans, a Deaf fighter, involved in the high risk mixed martial arts (MMA) he tells about his experience being bullied, family life and tough training regime.

This film contains mild violent scenes that some viewers may find disturbing.

Who Cares? | Dir. Camilla Arnold.

Who Cares

A film that explores the issues of ageing, isolation and the state of care provision for elderly Deaf people in England through three poignant stories from Beatrice, Stephen, Alan and Mary.

2:30pm – 4:30pm Children’s Drama Workshop

A chance for children and young people to learn the art of acting, as this free workshop will be led by experienced actress, Charlotte Arrowsmith and Artistic Director of Deafinitely Theatre, Paula Garfield. More information about the workshop can be found here.

2:45pm Screening of Ben Steiner Bursary 2013

Retreat | Dir. Ted Evans.

RetreatIn an alternative present, the structures that bind society have eroded and pushed the vulnerable to the fringes. At this crossroads, a young woman, Isobel finds herself between an unforgiving world and the confines of a dark community. With obsession rapidly over taking reason, Isobel must decide which world she wants to be part of.

There will be a Q & A session to be followed after screening.

3:10pm Workshop: Where next for BSL Zone programmes?

BSL Zone

With Steven Wynne, BSLBT’s Outreach Worker, and Cathy Heffernan, who has recently joined the Trust as Web Editor.

The British Sign Language Broadcasting Trust (BSLBT) has now been going for almost five years and is going from strength to strength, with many of our films and programmes winning awards for their directors and producers at Festivals around the world, including at Deaffest.

Steven Wynne

We are particularly proud of Zoom and Zoom Focus which in many ways have become the benchmark for new deaf talent. Many Zoom films are being screened at Deaffest.

We have now commissioned well over 100 programmes – do you know what they all are? Have you watched them on TV or the BSL Zone player online?

Cathy Heffernan

Come to Deaffest on Saturday afternoon to find out more about the BSL Zone and tell us what you think about the programmes so far and what you’d like to see in the future.

3:40pm Best British Film Part Two

September 11 | Dir. Raabia Hussian.

September 11

September 11 is a personal account of the effects of September 11 2001 on a young Deaf Muslim teenager, who faces racism from both inside and outside the Deaf community, making her question her faith.

Still Here | Dir. Louis Neethling.

Still Here

Friends and fellow deaf club performers: Les, Reg, Cyril and Ruby, have been together for over 30 years. When Ruby falls ill their lives are thrown into turmoil, she has been keeping them toether. Still here is a black comedy that looks at friendship, ageing and change. A film that celebrates the senior members of the Deaf club community.

The End | Dir. Ted Evans.

The End

A docu-drama following four people across six decades as a “cure” for deafness challenges the very survival of Deaf culture.

4:40pm Film Panel Discussion

This is an exciting and brand new addition to Deaffest 2013! There will be a line up of experienced filmmakers, who will discuss and share their arguments, opinions and thoughts on a wide range of subjects in filmmaking.

5:40pm Making of Ben Steiner Bursary film 2013

The Making of Retreat | Dir. Thomas Giddens.

The Making of Retreat2

‘The making of Retreat’ captures the filmmaking experience and the journey the cast and crew took in making Ted Evans’ latest drama. Shot on location over 4 days and 4 nights, the film provides the viewer with an introduction to guerrilla filmmaking and what it takes to produce a low-budget short film.

6pm – 8pm Recess

8:30pm 4th Film Gala Awards (doors open at 8pm)

Tickets are required for this event.

Here is the exciting event of Deaffest which we have all been waiting for for the past two years! Filmmakers will wait in anticipation to find out whether their nominated film is good enough to win a trophy or trophies this year! Clive Mason will present the event, with live entertainment by Deaf comedian Gavin Lilley, and a performance of Aliya Gulamani’s Buddha Knows, which is part of Deafinitely Theatre’s 4Play 2013. A total of six awards are up for grabs, and we will discover who the winners are, decided by our panel of judges!

11:10pm Late Night Deaf Party and Visual Vernacular Competition (doors open at 8pm)

Note: You need to be 18 or over to attend the following event. Please bring your ID with you.

Tickets are required for this event.

The party will take place in the courtyard at Light House after the 4th Film Gala Awards. The party will be packed with special performances including dance and comedy and shortlisted candidates will compete for the prize money of the Visual Vernacular Competition. The bar will be open until late so you can party late into the early hours of Sunday!