An exhibition by deaf artists and photographers will be on display this May in the Main Gallery at Light House Media Centre.

A talented illustrator and artist who focuses around the incorporation of the natural world within all illustrations created. The ability to evoke both the feeling of love and soulful beauty, through using unique designs and illustration and well chosen colour for both children and adults, to excite and inspire through the wonder on nature is present within illustrations.

Trained and confident with the use of variety of methods and materials to ensure that aim of the project is being met to a high standard. Both ink and watercolour and acrylic paint are used in most stages of illustrations and developed upon with the addition of other materials and techniques. Some of the areas which have been focused upon are greetings cards, bespoke children’s books, repeat pattern designs and gallery images.

View Amanda’s work on Facebook and the Deaf Market.

I am a Deaf Artist and have been an artist for many years. I like to my work to portray Manchester especially during Victorian times. I use an array of colours in my work because my paintings feature both historic and modern architecture, skyscrapers, canals, geese, bridges, pubs, as well as Manchester’s emblem for the city – the Manchester Bee.

Qualified craftsperson handweaver, Penny is returning to her art skills after 33 years of teaching. She studied nomadic & indigenous textiles, especially West African narrow-band weaving (Kente). She uses mixed media and does commissions.  Penny is developing both textile-aimed and Deaf-related artworks.

One day in 2017, I was going through depression and I decided to pick up a paint brush for the first time, little did I know I’d become a painter and that painting became my therapy!

My paintings are full of vivid colours blending harmoniously, paintings of powerful women navigating their healing journey and my thoughts/feelings.
Please feel welcome to visit my Facebook art page and Instagram page to see more of my work! 

I am a Deaf visual artist based in Southampton, Hampshire.

I specialise in abstract acrylic paintings, using vibrant bright colours. I enjoy the intuitive and freestyle methods of fluid art with acrylic pouring and splatter techniques.

I share and sell my artworks online as @VB Deaf Artist: Instagram, Facebook and the Deaf Market.

Exhibition: Weaving through the barriers

In a society where deafness can still be treated as a taboo, I like to use my experience to attempt to break down barriers to give credence to what is often perceived as a disability. I want my work to provide an opening into a different world: a culture not defined by disability but by its rich and varied language, traditions, and relationships; a community that enables a sense of identity. My work explores the membrane between the deaf and hearing worlds. The aim of my art is to create a wider audience who have crossed that membrane in some way and therefore to lessen the misunderstandings and barriers between the two worlds.

The social pressure of deafness has propelled me to express the challenges I face within a society that appears less adaptable even when ‘deaf aware’. My work seeks to encourage the audience to enter into and absorb an experience of a deaf person navigating in a hearing dominated world.

The exhibit I propose is to produce a piece of art using fabric and machinery to highlight the barriers that I face as a deaf person. This is meant to represent more than ‘the everyday barriers’ we have come to (but shouldn’t) expect!

For example I work in a specialist deaf school and am attending a course specifically to become a qualified Teacher of the Deaf.  Both of these organisations, you would expect to have some level of understanding and empathy for deaf people.  However, still find a multitude of barriers, specifically around accessing written English. Through my art work, I want to highlight the barriers and how manage to persevere and weave my way through them to continue to achieve my goals.

View Shauna’s work on Instagram.

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