Deaffest are proudly to be screening these amazing films on our Deaffest on Tour 2021! 

These films will be screened at Cornwall Mini Deaffest, Deaffest on Tour Warwick, and Gloucester Guildhall! 

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The Pumpkin KingDirected by Paul Miller, UK, 00:10:00

Synopsis – Young twins, Anders (deaf) and Aurora (hearing) share a very special bond. They come from an old Scottish mythical village called Oban. One morning, happily playing in the park as they did most days, they found something out of the ordinary. That night the unimaginable happened and Anders is once again faced with a new mystery. Will the ancient artefact help him this time?


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This is Deaf: LGBTQIA + Life, Directed by Giles Bowman, UK, 00:27:28

Synopsis – In this episode we discuss being Deaf and part of the LGBTQIA+ community. We talk to members of the community to find out how attitudes have changed over the decades



CBBC Freestyle Snaps, Directed by Samuel Dore, UK, 00:10:00

Synopsis – Ella has dream of winning gold at Deaflympics, but school life and a rival swimmer are making her life miserable. Can she rediscover her inner champion to win the big swim race? 

(Please note this film will be not screening at Gloucester Guildhall) 


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Follow The Signs, Directed by Chris Fonseca and Harry Jardine, UK, 00:10:31

Synopsis – A true story of one man’s search for his identity and the barriers he comes up against along the way. The song is dedicated to anyone who’s ever struggled to come to terms with their own identity.



Dr. Voxoff’s Sign Language School for Hearing ChildrenDirected by Matthew Gurney, UK, 00:11:20

Synopsis – Matthew Gurney brings us a dark, acerbic, and witty dystopian vision of a world in which the roles are reversed – where hearing people are a minority. Playing all the characters and experimenting with the theatrical in film, Matthew’s work draws on the Silent movie genre and probes at a disturbing history that’s much to home than many realise.                          

(Warning some content may cause offence)


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Voice, Directed by Tomoko Takahashi, Japan, 00:18:38

Synopsis – Honma Hikarum, a Deaf karate athlete who had won several medals in karate competition, participated in the trial for an important karate competition. But right before her performance, the committee chairman tells her that they would have to forfeit if she does not say the names of Kata (Karate moves) verbally. It brings her back to when she was little, to the memories which a lot of Deaf people in Japan may have experienced in the past.                                                                                      

(Warning some content may cause offence)



Illustrating Sam NewtonDirected by Lily Drummond, Australia, 00:28:20

Synopsis – When Charlie, an extroverted visual arts student from New York messages Sam, an introverted photographer from Adelaide, Australia, both of their worlds turn upside down. But Sam has a secret they don’t want to share online; they’re deaf. As Sam and Charlie get closer, the two discover that art really is our universal language.


Deaffest are proud to announce that our sponsor, MASSIVE, will provide two film screenings for the Warwick and Gloucester festivals. Go and check them out! 


A Sonic PulseDirected by Dorothy Allen-Pickard and Antoine Marinot, UK, 00:08:31

 Synopsis – A Sonic Pulse is about the different ways in which Deaf people connect to and experience electronic music. Through a mish-mash of experimental sounds and scenes, the film gets to the heart of how music is a universal language when we feel the vibrations. We hear about three Deaf people’s experiences clubbing, which range from the transcendental to the discriminatory, and witness a Deaf musical workshop in which participants manipulate and respond to electronic frequencies. Richard France, a music producer, talks about losing himself to the beat of the music and becoming one on the dance floor, and Troi Lee speaks of the first time he was refused entry to a club for using sign language in the queue, while Helen describes when her cochlear implant was first turned on and how this inspired the sounds behind some of her electronic tracks. Richard phrases it well when he says music shouldn’t be defined by hearing people because it’s about feeling vibrations and frequencies, and when people feel them they have a different sensual experience compared to if they hear them.



Sound of MetalDirected by Darius Marder, USA, 02:00:00

Synopsis – A heavy-metal drummer’s life is turned upside down when he begins to lose his hearing and he must confront a future filled with silence.

Tickets are FREE for this ‘Sound of Metal’ screening, but places are limited so book your ticket now!


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