Deaffest Co-Founder and Director Nikki Stratton attended the annual conference This Way Up on 4th December 2019 to give a presentation about marketing to D/deaf audiences.

The 6th edition conference took place at Broadway Cinema in Nottingham and was delivered by Film Hub North and Film Hub Scotland as part of the BFI Film Audience Network. Running under the theme of Celebration, Resilience and the Future, the two-day conference was an opportunity where film exhibitors could get together to connect, get involved in discussions and share experiences.

In Nikki’s presentation, she talked about how to market events to a D/deaf audience and gave advice and tips. We hope those who attended the event gained further awareness of how they can engage with D/deaf audiences more effectively.

“Thank you TWU for inviting me.  It was a really positive experience where I could network and learn from other film artists/organisations about their work – this got me thinking about other ways of exposing Deaf Films to a wider audience. Showcasing and promoting professional Deaf films is of utmost importance to Deaffest and ensures that film screenings go beyond the Deaf World.” – Co-Founder and Director of Deaffest Nikki Stratton.

The next This Way Up conference will take place from 1st to 3rd December 2020 and will be presented as a digital edition.

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