My name is Andrei Dragunov and my show is called Finger Dance. I’ve been deaf since birth, but for me it was aged 15 when I felt the barriers around me melt away as I discovered my passion for dancing. And what was once a hobby I loved has now become my work obsession. I’ve now been able to take part in a variety of projects; from competing in mainstream Russian and international dance competitions to appearing on television programmes. For example, in the TV programme “Dances” I was in the top 25 dancers, chosen from over 3000 competitors, at the Hip-Hop World Championship 2016-2017, I won 5th place consecutively, and in Hip-Hop International RUSSIA-2015 I received 1st place. I’ve also received many awards from different events and festivals throughout Europe and Russia (including a World Cup) as well as touring. Now I travel, giving master classes in dance not only to hearing people, but also to deaf and various disabled people. I also deliver lectures about my life story.

At Deaffest 2019, in addition to his performances throughout the weekend, Andrei will also be delivering workshops to all age groups from 8 years upwards. More information coming soon!

About Deaffest

UK's Leading Deaf-Led Film and Arts Festival

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