Welcome back Nikki and Marilyn! Deaffest’s Founders and Directors Nikki Stratton and Marilyn Willrich have both returned from Shanghai, having attended the first ever SHIDFF!

“It was a TRULY successful event and we were proud to be part of this important milestone for Shanghai’s FIRST ever Deaf Film and Arts Festival. It was well attended by hundreds of mainly Chinese Deaf people alongside International Deaf Artists/filmmakers, from the UK (us!), USA, Russia, France, Germany & Austria. We want to congratulate SHIDFF for their great work to make this an event that will never be forgotten! SHIDFF rocks! All the best with future developments for this amazing festival and we look forward to showcasing some of China’s greatest Deaf Artists at our next Deaffest 2019 Festival….so watch this space!

The news is going crazy in China, more than 20 media platforms have shared the success stories of this event including Shanghai’s Education TV station!” – Nikki Stratton

Deaffest SHIDFF

Festival Founders! From left to right: Co-Founder and Co-Director of Deaffest Nikki Stratton, Founder and Director of Clin d’Oeil Festival David de Keyzer, Founder and Director of SHIDFF Zheng Xiaosan (Sam) and Co-Founder and Co-Director of Deaffest Marilyn Willrich.

More news about SHIDFF to follow soon along with photos!

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