It’s been over a decade since we did our Deaf Filmmakers project (funded by Mediabox), where budding young media enthusiasts took part in workshops. With direct training from Deaf professionals, the participants learnt how to create a film. As a result of this project, we have seen some of the participants go on to be successful in the media field , including, to name but a few, Stephen Collins, who’s been involved in acting in the recent ‘Fingersmiths’ and in New Wolsey’s touring play Up ’N’ UnderBrian Duffy and David Sands both whom are incredible actors, starring in the Deaf comedy sitcom Small Worldwhich is currently shown on TV at the moment, and lastly, Rebecca-Anne Withey who starred as a fairy in Louis Neethling’s film Tree Fairy and is also a talented signed-song artist, which is why she will be leading a workshop on that very topic at the Deaf Youth Film and Performance Academy this summer!

Here are some of the films produced by the filmmakers involved in the project:

Loveless, Lonely and a Loser directed by Ramas Rentelis.

Never Trust an Interpreter directed by David Hay.

The World Today directed by Brian Duffy, David Sands and Simon Herdman.

We are hoping to launch a new training scheme,  Deaf Youth Film and Performance Academya one-week residential course offering young deaf people an opportunity to learn about filmmaking, acting, dancing and signing songs. The training will be led by British Deaf Professionals and, together with the participants, they will create the UK’s first sign-musical film!

In order to make the Academy happen, we need your support! Please visit our Kickstarter page:

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