Deaffest’s previously annual festival is set to become a biennial event, with the next festival to be held in Spring 2019 and new plans introduced for 2018.


“Deaffest has decided to place their main focus for 2018 on supporting and developing the talents of emerging and established UK and international deaf filmmakers and artists. We have a lot to offer and we feel strongly that through the opportunities, training and support that we offer, deaf people, including the younger generation, will have the opportunity to not only get involved with the arts, culture and media, but to participate in events that are representative of their own culture and lives.” Marilyn Willrich and Nikki Stratton.

Deaffest launched their first festival in 2006 and it has been held annually in Wolverhampton ever since. Deaffest is now one of the longest running Deaf-led film & arts festivals. Over the years, the festival has supported, developed and celebrated the talents of many deaf artists and filmmakers, showcasing their work through film screenings, art exhibitions, the annual Young Deaffest Film Award and the biennial Film Awards.

There is a general lack of accessible opportunities in the arts and media world, which means that deaf people struggle to fully participate in this realm. Deaf audiences rarely have the opportunity to attend creative events which are representative of their own culture and lives. Deaffest will focus on introducing opportunities in 2018 that aim to educate deaf people about the arts, culture and media, inspire them to participate, and enable them to experience what we have to offer, as well as providing a pathway which enables them to do so.

One of our aims is to inspire young deaf people to get more involved in the arts and media in a bid to nurture their creative talents, which enhances their overall educational development, as well as promoting the skills that could lead them to become part of the next generation of deaf artistic talent.

Deaffest will be making further exciting announcements about forthcoming projects in the near future on, where the date of Deaffest 2019 will also be announced.

If you would like to support Deaffest, whether that be by making a donation or through sponsorship – please do get in touch with Nikki Stratton at If you would like to share ideas/proposals for Deaffest – get in touch with us at With your support, Deaffest can continue to offer high-quality and accessible events and workshops for deaf people of all ages.

For more information please contact PR Liaison Officer Louise Parrott:

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UK's Leading Deaf-Led Film and Arts Festival

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