The team has been busy organising the signed song music video project, which is happening this month. Under the National Deaf Children’s Society’s ‘Raising the Bar 2017’ competition, which was launched in January 2017, Zebra Access, Deaffest and the NDCS have developed a workshop.  The workshop is designed to give deaf children and young people in the UK the opportunity to showcase their talents and to do something they enjoy, by taking part in this workshop and performing in a pop music video. 

The ‘Raising the Bar’ competition was developed by the NDCS to raise deaf awareness through the arts and to make dance, music and acting more accessible for deaf children and young people in the UK. It also aims to show what deaf children, young people and professionals can achieve. ‘Raising the Bar’ 2017 will consist of four different workshops and among them is the Signed Song Music Video Project.

The Signed Song Music Video Project is the first of its kind to be produced in the UK, involving a collaboration of talented deaf artists from the US and the UK, such as Chris Fonseca, the UK’s up and coming professional deaf dancer and choreographer and the well-known deaf Sign-Song Artist, Rosa Lee Timm. You may well have seen Rosa featured in the Deaf Camp’s video

The workshop will be run by a fantastic team consisting of Executive Directors Nikki Stratton and Marilyn Willrich, Music Video Producer Stacy Lawrence and Film Director Bim Ajadi and they’re very much looking forward to working with the selected participants!

There will be an opportunity to watch the performance at the Ruddock Performing Arts Centre in Birmingham on Sunday 23rd April. If you’re interested in coming along, visit here for details!

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