poster-rgbDeaffest is excited to reveal that the theme of Deaffest 2017 is ‘Discovery’.

“The theme is inspired by the undiscovered deaf talents out there in the world. We’re passionate about supporting and developing the talents of ambitious emerging and established deaf filmmakers and artists from the UK and around the globe and about providing inspiring role models for the deaf younger generation.” – Deaffest team

Deaffest 2017 will be returning to Wolverhampton for its 12th festival on 12th – 14th May 2017. The dynamic festival will include a showcase of films and documentaries by UK and international filmmakers, the popular biennial Film Awards Gala, an exhibition showcasing the works of deaf artists and photographers, workshops for adults and children, seminars and many more. Everyone is welcome to take part and discover something new!

There are more than 11 million people in the UK with some form of hearing loss; that’s one in six of us. The lack of events available in sign language means that deaf people struggle to fully participate in film and media. Deaf audiences rarely have the opportunity to attend film events that are representative of their own culture and lives. Deaffest creates and displays works which tap into the rich culture and language of deaf people, and provides a pathway for all deaf people to become engaged with Film and Arts. Deaffest redresses the gap in accessibility experienced by deaf audiences in a hearing world, enabling full access to films without communication barriers.

Deaf role models are of prime importance for younger deaf people. Many of them are isolated among their hearing peers in mainstream schools and do not generally encounter successful or professional deaf adults with careers in Film or the Arts. Deaffest demonstrates what deaf professionals can achieve in the world of Film and Arts, and this can have an inspiring and unforgettable effect on young deaf people.

Deaffest is gaining recognition throughout the UK and overseas as being the leading event where Film and Arts can be accessed in full without barriers, by deaf people of any age and nationality.

Information about events/workshops happening at the festival and tickets will be online in near future.

Click here if you would like to download a copy of our news release.

For more information please contact PR Liaison Officer Louise Parrott: 

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