Was it possible to make a short documentary about Deaffest 2016 in 72 hours?


Yesterday we attended the Light House for a very special screening of the Deaffest 2016 Mockumentary. The event was attended by Deaffest’s Co-founders Nikki Stratton and Marilyn Willrich,Tracy McCoy – head of the University of Wolverhampton’s  Film Media and Broadcasting department and the ‘Oh Sugar!’ Production team and producers Matthew Shaw and Jack Smallwood.

IMG_9956The 72 Hour Film Challenge was completed by the ‘Oh Sugar!’ Production team who filmed and edited the documentary over the Deaffest weekend. The documentary is great and is a testament to the skill and hard work of the whole team! Each member of the media team was presented with a certificate to congratulate them on their achievements.

The team will continue to work hard, adding the final touches to their documentary. Keep an eye on our website and social media where we will be posting the documentary very soon!


About Deaffest

UK's Leading Deaf-Led Film and Arts Festival

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