Do you have any old/ unneeded hearing aids?  Kasun Jayathunga below would like to ask YOU to donate them to hearing impaired people in Southern Province of Sri Lanka.



Hello. My name is Kasun Jayathunga and I’m the boss of the Sumaga Ruhunu Circle of the Deaf [S.C.R.D] in Sri Lanka’s Southern Province. S.R.C.D was initiated in 1996 with the prime objective of regaining economic, educational, cultural, political and social right and privileges amongst our deaf people. Our main aim is to improve the inborn talents of the deaf and thus acquire a free and peacefully living standard in the society.

I am currently collecting as many hearing aids as I can to give to hearing impaired people in Southern Province of Sri Lanka. Many parents of deaf children have approached me saying that their child is behind their mainstream peers and they feel hearing aids will bring them up to date. Many deaf adults have approached me saying that they feel isolated from society, they feel they don’t receive the same treatment as hearing people do, so hearing aids will benefit them greatly, especially giving them job opportunities and a driving license (Sri Lankan law does not allow deaf people to drive without hearing aids).


The price of two hearing aids in Sri Lanka is approximately £300-£600. This proves far too expensive for the low-income families to buy this. With the hearing aids being donated for free and paying just £10 for the ear mould fitting, programming, tubing and batteries, this is much better than paying £300-£600.

We will be informing deaf adults, deaf children and their parents how to keep the hearing aids cleaned, working and safe.

The more hearing aids we receive, the further we can give to deaf communities nationally across Sri Lanka. This is the early stage and with your support, we can give the Sri Lankan deaf community a positive impact.

Thank you. Kasun.






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