Young Deaffest Ambassador Alex Nowak has been busy this month working at the Channel 4 studios in London on a new, exciting project…

Channel 4 is running a pilot scheme which gives a platform to a range of different people whose voices might not usually be heard on a mainstream channel.  Five people with communication difficulties have joined Channel 4’s continuity team this December to introduce some of the channel’s biggest shows. An estimated 2.5 million people in the UK have some kind of communication impairment. Channel 4 wants to give them a platform and normalise the presence of disabled people on TV by adding fresh, representative voices.


Alex uses both speech and BSL to introduce the programmes, screened on Channel 4:

– Friday 13th December: Alan Carr Chatty Man, 10:35pm.

– Saturday 14th December: Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, 7pm.

– Tuesday 17th December: Heston’s Great British Food, 9pm.

– Thursday 19th December: Hollyoaks, 6:30pm.


Alex described his experience at Channel 4 as a fantastic one.  “The staff I worked with were lovely and truly looked after me. The other announcers were awesome to work with and have a brilliant sense of humour.

In the training process there was a mixture of individuals, including a girl with Tourette syndrome saying biscuit and hedgehog many times a minute, a guy with a stammer, another guy with Tourette’s, swearing and a girl with Cerebral Palsy, using an electronic device to speak.  I mean, talk about diversity!  A tremendous experience. That’s what I love about Channel 4 – they are very open to taking risks”.

More information on the project can be seen here.



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