Sunday 19th May 2013

Only the real die-hards could make early morning on Sunday after partying into the early hours the night before!  Film screenings started at 10am with a re-run of all the Gala Award winning films.  Tears were shed during the screening of British documentary “Who Cares?” which portrays the sensitive issues surrounding an aging deaf population.  But plenty of laughter accompanied other more light hearted films, thus showing how expertly Deaf films can capture the full spectrum of human emotion.  This was followed by a repeat of the Young Deaffest winner and two more films in the Young category which were just too good to pass by.  As more exhausted revelers arrived on the scene further short films were screened to a steadily increasing and appreciative audience.

Simultaneously in the studio cinema upstairs the NDCS (National Deaf Children’s Society) were running their “Get Creative Day” animation workshops led by Biomation, an animation production company specializing in exploring issues related to children, including deafness.  20 Deaf / hard of hearing participants aged between 8 and 16 took part, expanding their knowledge and skills in the field of animation.

Meanwhile the Lock Works café bar was now buzzing with people discussing the previous evening’s awards, and famous faces seen on stage the preceding evening were to be seen again relaxing, mingling, chatting and connecting in groups at courtyard tables in true continental style.  For recovering partygoers the bacon sandwiches were a like a gift from heaven!

Back in the main cinema cheers could be heard from the audience as the Netherlands’ documentary “I Sign I Live” showed a deaf man describing how he stood up for himself against discrimination back in the ‘50s.

Then as the magic hour of 2.15 approached a buzz of excitement could be felt as cinema seats started to fill swiftly.  The screening of Marvel’s Iron Man 3 was about to begin. It was clear to see how many people appreciated this free screening of the popular super hero film donated by Disney.  As the closing credits of Iron Man 3 played on screen Deaffest 2013 came to a thrilling end, and satisfied visitors made their way out onto the courtyard for a final chat and farewell to friends, finally leaving with a strong feeling of inspiration and pride in their community and its achievements.

THANK YOU to everyone who made Deaffest 2013 an absolute SUCCESS! See you all next year!


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