At the Late Night Deaf Party at Deaffest 2013, there will be an exciting brand new Visual Vernacular competition! Spread the word, because Visual Vernacular is addictive once you’ve watched an artist perform the beautiful art but Visual Vernacular will truly flow through your veins and live through you when you express the art yourself! The icing on the cake that there is a prize money for the best three Visual Vernacular expressions to be won! Our five judges of Clive Mason, Jean St. Clair, Gavin Lilley, Marilyn Willrich and Richard Carter, who will judge the artists for their expressions and decide the winners!

We are proud to announce the 9 people shortlist for the people who applied for the Visual Vernacular competition! Our commiserations to those who did not make the shortlist, but do not give up at all, and keep trying perfecting your talent in Visual Vernacular.

Rinkoo Barpaga

Adam Bassett

Brian Duffy

Matthew Gurney

Ishtiaq Hussain

William Johnson

Zoe McWhinney

David Sands

Jason Sharpe

The Visual Vernacular competition will take place at the Late Night Deaf Party at Deaffest 2013, just after the 4th Film Gala Awards, and the competition will commence at 11:30pm! Buy your tickets now by visiting this link.

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