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Innocents of Oppression author Nick Sturley will be present at this year’s Deaffest. This is your opportunity to speak to Nick and obtain your signed copy of Innocents of Oppression!

This all new work of fiction begins in 1977 when Chris, a popular but troubled 13-year old, meets a new boy Aaron at a traditional boarding school in England where sign language is banned. Their close friendship immediately forms but is then thrown into unexpected situations, trying to accept themselves as well as juggling with their classes, loyalty and sexuality as they embark on a trouble-some journey.

The school’s pupils and teachers have issues of their own – such as the challenges of  adolescence, language barriers, family life, bullying, school politics and abuse.

But it’s the new teacher from West Germany who brings with him a blind hatred towards sign language, the shocking truth behind its suppression and the escalating tension against the oralist oppression at the school soon surfaces and the story culminates with a shattering climax that changes the school, forever.

Innocents of Oppression is a powerful and controversial coming-of-age story bringing forth an array of other characters’ funny, thought-provoking and disturbing accounts that are based on real-life experiences. It takes a candid insight into the life of an oral boarding school viewed from both Deaf and hearing perspectives and it also incorporates real Deaf issues and history, making this groundbreaking work of fiction an unforgettable read.

Pick up your signed copy at Deaffest 2013!

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