There will be a VV competition at Deaffest 2013, on Saturday 18 May at the Late Deaf Party! If you’d like to enter, please read the information below.

VV Competition: Information for entrants

To enter the competition you must submit a short clip of yourself performing VV. If you are short-listed you will be invited to perform at Deaffest in Wolverhampton on Saturday 18 May, where the winner will be selected.


You must follow the those guidelines or you will not be able to enter the competition.

  • To enter you must be above the age of 18 years
  • You must be a Deaf or hard-of-hearing person
  • Your performance must be entirely in VV (Visual Vernacular). Please watch this clip to see what VV is. VV is not sign poetry or BSL story-telling. Entries that use sign poetry or BSL story-telling will not be considered.
  • Please make a short clip of no longer than 3 minutes of yourself performing VV
  • Your clip must be sent to Deaffest by April 22 via WeTransfer or on a DVD
  • You must be available on Saturday 18 May to perform at the Late Deaf Party

You will be informed by email whether you have been short listed.

Short-listed entrants will perform on Saturday 18 May at the Late Deaf Party which will be taking place late in the evening after the Deaffest Gala Awards at Light House, Wolverhampton. A judge panel will be present to select the top three winning entrants.

If you are short-listed you do not have to perform the same piece that you used in your clip; it is your choice if you wish to use it again at Deaffest or develop a new piece.


1st prize: £150

2nd prize: £75

3rd prize: £25

For more information email or

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