The Deaffest team is pleased to announce that Zebra Access has successfully obtained charity status. Zebra Access is a non-profit company that was established by Zebra Uno. Zebra Access is dedicated to ensuring that all Deaf people enjoy equal participation and access without communication barriers. Zebra Access supports a variety of events, clubs and initiatives, including Deaffest.

Zebra Access has now taken on a central role in coordinating and funding Deaffest, with Zebra Uno continuing to be a primary partner.

The email addresses for the Deaffest coordinators have been updated to reflect this change; please use to contact Jackie Law, and to contact Mija Gwyn. 

About Deaffest

UK's Leading Deaf-Led Film and Arts Festival

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  1. […] Firstly, Deaffest are pleased to announce that Zebra Access have successfully achieved charity status, which now means that Zebra Access will be funding and coordinating Deaffest alongside Zebra Uno Ltd. It is important to note that Zebra Uno Ltd are still the primary partner. For more information regarding Zebra Access’ involvement, check the link here. […]

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