LFS launches FAST FORWARD PRODUCING: The Whole Story

The London Film School has an opportunity for 12 aspiring producers to participate in a series of workshops about producing.

The London Film School has launched a new Skillset-funded programme for producers.  Fast Forward: the Whole Story is a complete, modular course for twelve new creative feature film producers, running from June to December 2012.

In nine workshops, sequential but self-contained, twelve selected producer participants will learn from recognised industry experts the detailed reality of each stage of production, and how it connects to the stages before and after. Industry mentors will guide participants as they develop their portfolio to the point where their projects are fully researched and ready to seek development finance.   The twelve participants will also have an opportunity to produce an LFS Graduation Film, one of about 35 to 40 made each year at the school.    Uniquely, the course incorporates a module on Creative Identity, Self-Presentation and Career Management for Producers, developed for the LFS by creative career coach Shiona Llewellyn, author The Skillset Career Handbook .

Confirmed industry tutors so far include: Amy Hubbard (casting director The Hobbit ); Angus Finney (author The International Film Business );  Colin Vaines (producer Coriolanus );  Ian Hutchinson (Silver Reel Equity); Ian Neil (music supervisor Control , Kick Ass ); John Graydon (RSM Tenon Media);; Keith Northrop (Film Finance & Production, Goodman Derrick LLP); Louise Lawrence (LFS Head of Archive and Library); Luke Randolph (International Film Guarantors); Meg Clark (post-production supervisor 4,3,2,1 , Coriolanus ); Mia Bays (marketing consultant Tsotsi , creative executive, Microwave ); Paul Sarony (line producer Welcome to Sarajevo ); Rebecca O’Brien (producer The Wind That Shakes the Barley ); Steve Clark-Hall (co-producer Sherlock Holmes and Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows).

The deadline for applications is Monday 23 April. Please visit their website for more information. or email fastforward@lfs.org.uk



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