Sarah Tavner’s ‘Dicing with Sex’ has been nominated in the Best Documentary category at this years Film & TV Gala Awards. Sarah is a veteran in the Deaf TV world, with over 17 years of experience under her belt.

Damien - 'Dicing with Sex'

Sarah started her career at the tender age of 23 at BBC Wales, and has made a significant contribution to Deaf TV since her move to See Hear, and then finally to Remark! where she is a much-loved Series Producer.

Group with Damien - 'Dicing with Sex'

Sarah tirelessly campaigns for Deaf rights, as evident in her documentary on the lack of access to sex education within the Deaf community. Sarah was filming in Blackpool and was shocked to find how ignorant some Deaf teenagers were.

“it was frightening and spurred me on to make a documentary exploiting this serious issue”

Sarah is no newbie to Deaffest, she won the ‘Best Factual’ award for her documentary, ‘Deaf Brain’, in 2009. She hopes that ‘Dicing with Sex’ stands in good stead at this year’s festival.

“it is extremely important to raise awareness that deaf people need adequate access to sex education.”

‘Dicing with Sex’ has been shortlisted for Best Documentary at this year’s Gala Awards.

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