Simon Mckeown discovered his love for film during his time studying at an Art College which was when he first used film equipment, whilst studying on an Art and Design course. Following this, Simon went on to study Fine Art where he also started to work with film and video. He went on to work for a video company and eventually moved to London to work for animation company Electric Image. Simon then relocated back up north to take up the post as Head of Animation for Reflections working on 6 computer games. He eventually left that post to join Teeside University as a Reader in Animation and Post production.

Simon has worked on several projects, one of his early animations ‘School’ was based on the ignorance towards Deaf people and he also worked on a documentary about Deafness with Kathy Robinson from the BBC. He has recently produced ‘Motion Disabled’ and ‘All About Claire’ which resulted in Simon being awarded the DaDaFest International Artist of the Year 2010.

Commissioned by DaDaFest, ‘All For Claire’ was created by pairing Simon with well known international disabled dance performer Claire Cunningham.

‘All for Claire’ looks at issues of empowerment and rejection within a disability context and continues Simon’s exploration of the cultural presentation of disability. This fun and colourful animation puts a disabled woman centre screen and in charge of the world and the other characters destiny. The animation was made with two endings and festivals can choose which option to showcase (win / loose).

All For Claire has been shortlisted for Best Experimental film at this Film & TV Gala Awards.

About Deaffest

UK's Leading Deaf-Led Film and Arts Festival

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