Giuseppe Giuranna – The Visual Vernacular Maestro

Giuseppe Giuranna


Internationally acclaimed Visual Vernacular expert Giuseppe Giuranna, “The V V Maestro” brought his magnificent skills to Deaffest 2014 with a package of workshops and performances throughout the festival weekend, 16 – 18 May.

Deaffest launched its V V project back in 2012 with an open stage performance event, following up in 2013 with the UK’s V V competition.

For the first time at Deaffest, Italian born Giuseppe Giuranna coached the participants V V skills at the Deaffest workshops held on Friday 16 and Saturday 17 May.


Visual Vernacular at Deaffest…

Hailing from Italy, Giuseppe Giuranna, or in the words of the Deaf Community, the Visual Vernacular king, himself thanked the Deaffest team for founding the Visual Vernacular Competition, and praised the performers for taking part in the competition at Deaffest 2013 which was won by Adam Bassett.

In this short video by WebSourd, a Deaf company providing services of accessibility in France, Giuseppe was interviewed by Olivier Calcada, who asked him about the incredible expansion of interest in Visual Vernacular across the globe. Giuseppe proclaimed that he was taken aback by the vast embrace of Visual Vernacular across Europe then mentioned that a Visual Vernacular festival happened recently in England, where he thanked the Deaffest team for making the competition happen, congratulated Adam Bassett on his victory, and mentioned that he could not wait until he gets to witness Adam Bassett’s Visual Vernacular that landed him the crown of being the UK’s Visual Vernacular champion.

Being recognised for our hard efforts by someone like Giuseppe Giuranna brightens our Tuesday because we do not do Mondays, and we appreciate that Giuseppe Giuranna has reached out to us and praised the festival and its performers, William Johnson, Rinkoo Barpaga, Jason Sharpe, David Sands, Zoë McWhinney, Ishtiaq Hussian, Brian Duffy and the winner, Adam Bassett. The Deaffest team would like to take this opportunity to thank the brave performers for deciding to perform their Visual Vernacular expressions front of a packed audience on Saturday. The Deaffest team is working hard to expand the success of the Visual Vernacular competition for 2014 festival and what we have got planned excites us, and we hope to bring these plans to fruition for Deaffest 2014!

To see the interview with Giuseppe in International Sign, go to 5 minute and 37 seconds mark in this video by WebSourd here.