Previous winners of Deaffest Film Awards


Best British Short Film
Coming Out directed by Louis Neethling (UK)

Best Non-Narrative Film
The Long Knife directed by John Finn (UK)

Best International Short Film
Shackles directed by Sami Vuoriheimo (Finland)


Best Drama
Stiletto directed by William Mager (UK)

Best TV Programme
Wicked Series 2 Prog 1 directed by Ramon Woolfe (UK)

Best Factual Film
The Deaf Brain directed by Sarah Tavner (UK)

Best Experimental Film
The Deaf Man directed by DJ Kurs (USA)

Highly Commended
Glee directed by Jules Dameron (USA)



Best Drama
Chasing Cotton Clouds directed by Samuel Dore (UK)

Best TV Programme
Wicked, Series 3, Programme 8 directed by Caroline O’Neill (UK)

Best Documentary
Ingelore directed by Frank Seiefel (USA)

Best Experimental film
All for Claire directed by Simon McKeown (UK)


Best British Film
Champion of the World directed by Bim Ajadi (UK)

Best Documentary
Who Cares directed by Camilla Arnold (UK)

Best International Film
Here in Silence directed by Jake Willis (Australia)

Best Actor
Hal Draper | Still Here (UK)

Best Actress
Aliya Gulamani | September 11 (UK)

Best Director
Ted Evans | The End (UK)


Best International Film
Psychiatric Maintenance directed by Jose Miguel Rodriguez (Spain)

Best Documentary
Scottish Islanders directed by Camilla Arnold (UK)

Best Actress
Olivia Jordan-Caws | Tree Fairy (UK)

Best Actor
Brian Duffy | Small World (UK)

Best Director
Louis Neethling | Tree Fairy (UK)

Best British Film
Tree Fairy directed by Louis Neethling (UK)

Outstanding Contribution to the Media Industry
Bim Ajadi (UK)

Lifetime Achievement
John Maidens (UK)



Best Actress
Lynn Stewart-Taylor | Honeymoon (UK)

Best Actor
Matthew Gurney | Small World (UK)

Best Screenwriter
Norma McGilp | Deaf Victorians (UK)

Best Artistic Short Film
The Song for Single directed by Zheng Xiaosan (China)

Best Documentary
Silent Laughs directed by Natalia Kouneli (UK)

Best Director
Erik Akervall | The Hunter (Sweden)

Best Television Programme
Best Coast directed by Erik Akervall (Sweden)

Best UK Short Film
Dawn of the Deaf directed by Rob Savage (UK)

Best Film
For Grace directed by Sebastian Armesto (UK)


Best Actor
Joël Chalude | Faking a Living (France)

Best Actress
Jemma Jones | To Know Him (UK)

Best Screenwriter
John Maidens | Dot (UK)

Best UK Short Film
Ava directed by William Grint (UK)

Best Director
Ted Evans | To Know Him (UK)

Best International Short Film
This is Ed!! directed by Bob Hiltermann (USA)

Best Documentary
Deaf Child directed by Alex de Ronde (Netherlands)

Best Artistic Short Film
The Gingerbread Witch directed by Paul Miller (UK)

Best Television Programme
Deaf Funny 3 directed by Charlie Swinbourne (UK)

Best Film
To Know Him directed by Ted Evans (UK)