9:00am Registration


9:00am – 12:00pm Visual Vernacular Workshop with VV Maestro Giuseppe Giuranna

Take this unique opportunity to learn the fascinating art of VV from a world expert.

For more information about this workshop: Click here!

For more information about Giuseppe Giuranna, the Visual Vernacular maestro: Click here!

10:00am – 4:00pm Deaffest Fair

Browse this year’s wonderful range of stalls on the courtyard, join in the activities for children and families and catch up with amazing magician Mark Barber.

For more information about the stalls: Click here!

11:00am – 4:00pm Mobile Creche

This year for a small fee parents can enjoy a lot more freedom! The Deaffest Mobile Creche is here to entertain children whilst mums and dads get a bit of well earned time to themselves.

11:00am – 12:30pm Freestyle Dance Workshop

with the talented Chris Fonseca.

For more information about this workshop: Click here!

12:00pm – 3:00pm Face-painting

Vicki Frost will be doing some face painting for both kids and adults.

12:30pm – 2:30pm Children’s Workshop by Handprint Theatre

An interactive workshop involving sign language, puppetry and superheroes!

For more information about Families / Children Activities: Click here!

1:00pm and 3:00pm Krazy Kat Theatre Company presents A Dream (at Arena Theatre)

This 50 minute play involves puppets, music, actors and sign language, also features a mixed cast of deaf and hearing performers, writers and makers.

It is a timeless story of mysticism, love and forgiveness that resonates and soars. Krazy Kat re-work the story with the loving attention to detail which characterise this popular company. Perfectly ideal for deaf and hearing family audiences of 3-11 years!

Ticket is £5 (with additional fee of £1.00 when booking online). To buy a ticket, please click here.

Would you like to know more about Kinny Gardner and the Krazy Cat Company? Check out The Limping Chicken!

1:15pm – 2:45pm Second Freestyle Dance Workshop

with the talented Chris Fonseca.

For more information about this workshop: Click here!

3:00pm – 4:00pm British Deaf History Society Seminar

Deaf Imagery in the Visual Media – a historical perspective with John Hay MBE and Gordon Hay.


10:00am Code of Coda

Dir. Sammy So, 2013, Hong Kong

“The furthest distance in this world is perhaps not between life and death but between you and me, when I stand right before you and you can’t even hear my voice”.  Charis was born into a Deaf family. Physical punishment was the way her parents used to educate her. When Charis was 12, her mom said, “I DON’T WANT YOU”. It sent Charis right to the bottom of hell.  No difference to her whether she had parents or not.  Hopeless and heartbroken, Charis indulged in hard drugs, reckless life style and self-alienation to escape from the cruelty of life.

10:13am To My Uncle With Love

Dir. Dave Low, 2011, UK

As a child who grew up in care, the film depicts memories from my childhood with my Uncle who holds a special place in my heart.  Following my surprise visit I was shocked the following morning to hear he had died in his sleep.  I wrote this poem of memories to be read at his funeral.

10:17am Tonality

Dir. Ute Sybille Schmitz & Thomas Theo Hofmann, 2012, Germany

“Sign language, the gateway to the world”, say the Deaf.  In this short film comedy the subject is treated humorously.  A board game, kebab and aliens play a significant role.  This film shows in a crazy way that there could be a world in which suddenly sign language is very important.

10:25am Antigonish

Dir. Teresa Garratty, 2014, UK

This tense experimental short film is an interpretation of the famous poem “Antigonish” by William Hughes Mearns.  The original poem is said to be inspirited by reports of a ghost roaming the stairs in a haunted house in Antigonish – Canada.  However, this film is a purely visual rendition that leaves the audience to discover their own meaning amongst all ambiguous intent.

10:28am Without You

Dir. Andres “Flash” Otalora & Bellamie Bachleda, 2012, USA

Dumped by her less-than-stellar boyfriend, Eva seeks out her roommate Nikki’s support.  Instead of the comforting like Eva expected, Nikki gives her a dose of tough love and harsh reality.  A former lover of Nikki’s comes back into the picture, but Eva crosses the line, forcing Nikki to figure out: what is real and what is not?

10:34am Family Love

Dir. Nelly Ng, 2013, Malaysia

New-born baby girl, Min Min was greeted with love and joy by a couple.  The couple realised that Min Min still had not started to talk when she was 2 years old.  Therefore Min Min was sent for a medical check-up.  The couple were shattered by the diagnosis that Min Min was hearing-impaired.  Mother could not accept her daughter’s imperfection.

10:42am Tree Fairy

Dir. Louis Neethling, 2013, UK

Written by Rebecca Atkinson, directed by Louis Neethling and produced by Camilla Arnold, “Tree Fairy” is set to be a magical production.  Eight year old Libby is home for Christmas with her hearing family after her first term away at Deaf boarding school.  In the short time Libby has been away, the whole family seem to have forgotten how to communicate, both with Libby and with each other.  With the family falling apart, Christmas day is set to be a miserable one.  But help arrives, in the shape of a tiny signing fairy.

11:07am The Silent Chaos

Dir. Antonio Spano, 2013, Italy

North Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo.  After a bloody civil war that lasted for years,  Congolese society has lost its identity.  However, archaic superstitions and magical beliefs are the only elements left which still bring the population together.  These forces guide the defines of the territory led by Mai-Mai rebels, but they also make people consider those who are different as a threat, just like what happens to the deaf in Butembo.  This is the story of those who have no voice and no hope, but who keep struggling for their own dignity, not willing to resign to unhappiness.

11:53am Four

Dir. Bim Ajadi, 2014, UK

In the confines of his disheveled bedsit, an agoraphobic young man is challenged to a game of connect 4.  However it soon becomes apparent this this is no ordinary version of the parlour game that we are watching.  What was designed for recreation has now become an obsessive addiction.  Losing for him is no longer an option, but are the odds stacked against him, and the stakes too high?  A suspense drama… “For some people things don’t always fall into place.”

12:00pm – 1:15pm Young Deaffest Award

The Young Deaffest Award film entries have been judged by award winning producer / director Camilla Arnold, and the award will be presented by our special guest, actor Rebecca Withey.

Young Deaffest Judge, Camilla Arnold, Profile: Click here!

Shadow Stalker, Part 2 (Young Deaffest)

Dir. William Horsefield, 2013, UK

This film was sequel to Shadow Stalker Part 1.  3 years later, a new student called Will goes to the boarding school.  He meets the older student, Matthew, who guides Will around in the boarding school.  However, the killer wants something from Will.  Do you think Will can get away from the killer’s trap?

Zero Choice (Young Deaffest)

Dir. Zoe McWhinney and William Grint, 2014, UK, Viewers may find some scenes disturbing

A group of teenagers’ survival in a zombie apocalypse world, this is a story of haunting flashbacks of those left behind for the dead.  Guilt, anger and revenge runs in the blood of the brave survivors.  Best to die fighting than to die a coward.

Elaine’s Wood (Young Deaffest)

Dir. Paula Maiden, 2013, UK

A group of friends on holiday come across an old map which marks out an area called Elaine’s Wood.  Later on they come across a dusty book which tells the story of how the area came to be named after a bossy little girl who was abandoned in the woods by her friends and never seen again.  To show they’re not afraid of the story, the group of friends venture out into Elaine’s Wood, but soon discover they’re not alone.

The Battery Battle (Young Deaffest)

Dir. William Horsefield, 2013, UK

“The Battery Battle” is a short action/comedy film.  The story is about a school that has stopped giving away free cochlear implant and hearing aid batteries because of government cuts.  The deaf students with their imagination have to battle for the very last battery.  So who will win?

The ABC Challenge (Young Deaffest)

Dir. Heaton Manor School & Marden High School, 2013, UK

Who will be crowned the Karate Kid of BSL?  After being challenged to a BSL sign-off by the arrogant “cool” kid, our unfashionable hero seeks the help of the sign language guru and embarks on a gruelling training regime to challenge her nemesis in a dramatic denouement.

1:15pm – 2:15pm INTERVAL

Have a break from the cinema and browse the Deaffest Fair or take part in activities and workshops.

2:15pm Overflow

Dir. Igor Djenge, 2013, USA, Viewers may find some scenes disturbing

The director travelled to Serbia from America to shoot this film.  This drama is about an adorable deaf girl Anabela, who lights up every room she enters.  Her inability to hear and her use of Serbian Sign Language gives her an unusual and lavish look.  there are hearing people involved in the story along with deaf people.  Anabela encounters humiliation which drags her down.

2:42pm Off Yer ‘Ead

Dir. Dan Kokotajlo, 2014, UK, Viewers may find some scenes disturbing

A doomed relationship between a frustrated deaf woman and a lazy man who meet through a smart phone dating application.  The story is mostly told through short unedited vignettes.  Stars Andrew Shim (Milky from This Is England) and Aliya Gulamani.

2:56pm Nella Stanza 26

Dir. Buson Elia, 2013, Italy, Viewers may find some scenes disturbing

With this song sung by Nek and entirely translated into sign language, I would induce reflection in women for them to find the courage to denounce and push them to reflect on the life that should not be wasted.  A stimulus of courage for women.

3:00pm Lake Windfall

Dir. Roger Vass Jr, 2013, USA, Viewers may find some scenes disturbing

The film is a portrait of interactions between deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing people.  The plot focuses on five characters in a post-apocalyptic setting.  Told with humour and emotion, this film takes an authentic look at three different types of hearing loss experiences.  While navigating through this tale of awareness and surveil, both hearing and deaf will realise how critical effective communication is to our collective survival.  The cast and crew consisted of mainly deaf and hard of hearing members from all over the country.  This production, expressed primarily using American Sign Language, illustrates the great skill, creativity, and passion for filmmaking shared by these talented artists.  Unlike many film productions, all proceeds made from this film will be devoted to programs and services that enhance the lives of deaf and hard of hearing people and promote greater inclusion and cooperation with the mainstreamed population – those who can hear.

4:45pm – 7:00pm RECESS

7:30pm Ben Steiner Bursary Evening (Doors open at 7:00pm)

TICKETS ARE REQUIRED FOR THIS EVENT (includes admission to the Late Night Deaf Party)

With The Ben Steiner Bursary up for grabs again, filmmakers from all over the UK will be waiting to find out which one of them has won over the judges and got their hands on the acclaimed prize.  The evening will have brilliant live entertainment along with the anticipation of finding out who will take the £5,000 to make their film.

To buy the tickets: Click here!

11:30pm Late Night Deaf Party (Doors open at 10:00pm)


Note: You need to be 18 or over to attend the following event. Please bring your ID with you.

The party will take place on the courtyard at Light House after the Ben Steiner Bursary Evening.  Entertainment includes a VV performance and an open stage for anyone who wants to show off their performance skills!  The bar will be open until late so you can party late into the early hours of Sunday!

To buy the tickets: Click here!