Alex is currently in his second week in Sri Lanka and has been updating us what he’s been up to!

Alex Nowak Sri Lanka 006

“When a plan is made in Sri Lanka – it does not mean that it’s set in stone. Thus meaning I will not be teaching at the school until after the Sinhala and Tamil New Year (12 – 20 April), due to term exams taking place. This gave me time to focus on other projects this week:


It was Kasun’s birthday on Tuesday, so lots of bananas and sponge cake is eaten. We both headed to the nearby city of Galle to watch a sports day for disabled children from local schools. It was a great day seeing all the children and their parents having fun. Me and Kasun headed to the beach resort of Unawatuna in the evening, where I treated him to a huge English dinner – his birthday present!


On Thursday, we visited the hearing aid branch of Siemens in Matara city. A staff member checked the donated hearing aids I collected from my friends in England – out of 10, just 1 wasn’t working. We looked at the facilities and I learnt the following: In the past 2 years, they have sold approximately 50 hearing aids at the Matara office; the hearing aids are manufactured in Germany. They have approximately 10 hearing aids in stock. 1 new analogue hearing aid costs approximately £60 and 1 new digital hearing aid costs approximately £230. A pack of 6 batteries costs £2. After a quick discussion, the company is happy to accept donated hearing aids and give them to deaf people for free.

Alex Nowak Sri Lanka 005


Friday evening, we visited Kasun’s friend, an audiologist, at her home. She will be helping us on this hearing aid project. We discussed who exactly should have the first of the donated hearing aids – those who are in great need of them. We agreed that the deaf students who are in local mainstreams schools should. We are now making plans to visit these schools, where we give them a hearing test, followed by fitting hearing aids on them for the first time.


Popped over to Dikwella again on Saturday to see my mate Nsusanha and hit some waves. His birthday is in May and has asked me to go to his “massive beach party”. Invitation accepted!”

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