Alex Nowak – Last Week in Sri Lanka

“My Polish friend Marcin joined me for 10 days. I showed him around the coastal parts of southern Sri Lanka, including Tangalle, Galle, Hummanaya (one of the very few blowholes in the world), a turtle hatchery and a boat safari on the Madu Ganga river (where we held a baby crocodile!). Then me, Marcin and Kasun all jetted off on a car trip around the island. We visited many famous landmarks such as the cave temples of Dambulla, the scared Temple of the Tooth in Kandy, the Pinnawala Elephant Orphange and Sigiriya Rock Fortress. Seeing the elephants roam around in the wild was amazing. Sigiriya was mind-blowing – it’s a massive rock standing alone in the vast forest with a cliff face all around it. The summit of the rock is a fortress, where yonks ago was home to the king. There were palaces and pools on the top – how the construction materials got to the summit plateau, I do not know!




After we dropped Marcin off at the airport, we and Kasun went straight to Matara to get the film festival all set up. The festival took place on Sunday 25th May 2014. There has never been a deaf film festival before in Sri Lanka, so was very proud to give the deaf community this opportunity. You can see more information on the film festival here.




It’s now the final week, where has the time gone?! I’m saying farewell to all of my friends. “Sri Lanka good?” they all ask me. “Sri Lanka beautiful” I reply and their faces are smiling. “Come back?” they ask me. “One day” I reply. The Sumaga Ruhunu Circle of the Deaf held a little leaving party for me, what a terrific time. On my final night, I stayed with my good friends Rajitha and Chan in Colombo before getting up at 5am to get a Tuk Tuk to the airport to catch my flight home.

Goodbye Sri Lanka. Until next time.”

Global TV site Viki & Deaf Actress Marlee Matlin launch ‘Billion Words March’

It has been announced recently by Viki, the global TV site powered by fans of their global campaign ‘Billion Words March’ to champion for complete and accurate closed captions across online TV shows and movies.

Viki has partnered up with Marlee, Oscar winner and Emmy-nominated actress who is a long-standing advocate for closed captioning.  They both will work to improve close captioning and increase the accessibility for online viewers in all countries and languages.

“It’s not just a few people who need this.  We’re talking about hundreds of millions of people around the world who are deaf, hard of hearing but who deserve access to entertainment, no matter what language they speak.” – Marlee Matlin

For more information, please see here.

V International Festival in Sign Language

The Association of deaf people in Tolosaldea-Goierri (Basque Country – Spain) is pleased to announce the V International Festival in Sign Language, Gainditzen Awards 2014.  Here’s a note from Julián:


Dear Friends,

The Association of deaf people in Tolosaldea-Goierri (Basque Country – Spain), is preparing the “V International Festival in Sign Language”, GAINDITZEN AWARDS 2014.  We are going to celebrate a competition of short-movies and we are going to present, some films in Sign Language of the different cities of the Basque country.

With this project, we are trying to bring new artistic and technological tendencies to deaf people and offer a place of recognition and new opportunities to this people, who lots of times, cannot participate in different cultural events.

The celebration of GAINDITZEN AWARDS 2014 is going to take place on 8th November 2014 in Leidor cinema, Tolosa.

Yours faithfully,

Julián Rodríguez Rojo

President of the Asociación de Personas Sordas de Tolosaldea – Goierri



For further information and if you want to submit your film to their festival, please visit their website  You can also get in touch by email:  Please write in subject box of email ‘DEAF FILMS’.